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eHarmony vs Christian Mingle – Which Is Better?

eHarmony vs Christian Mingle – Which Is Better?

eHarmony is an online dating platform that helps its members find the best serious match. The website uses a compatibility matching system to help users trim down their matches to remain with the most accurate ones. eHarmony boasts around 5 million new visitors monthly from all over the world. These facts will form the basis of the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle duel.

Unlike other dating sites, it is not cluttered, making it less overwhelming to new users. You will go through a personality checking process and automatic matches based on your character features.

On the flip side, Christian Mingle is a faith-based dating site. It connects millions of people from different denominations and beliefs. At the moment, it is regarded as one of the most popular Christian dating sites in the world. Spark Networks launched the dating website in 2001 and has attracted the attention of over 16 million members.

The site was launched to help single Christians with a platform to find like-minded singles for love and long-term commitment. Christian Mingle is effective because there are testimonies of marriages that emanated from the site.

This review addresses the Christian Mingle vs eHarmony debate once and for all. You will find out the critical differences between the two dating sites. It will also reveal which one among the two is better for women and which one is better for men. As you keep reading, you will find out about the sites’ interface and pricing. Please read on to discover more.

What Is the Difference Between eHarmony and Christian Mingle?

To note the difference between the two dating sites, it is essential to look at certain factors. Here are the notable distinctive features of the two dating sites.

Brand Popularity

eHarmony is probably the top dating site in the world today. The website boasts a membership of over 66 million users spread across 200 countries. It is prevalent in the USA, where it has nearly 29 million members.

On the other hand, Christian Mingle might not compete at the same level with eHarmony. It is a niche site that is primarily popular among people that profess to the Christian faith. It has 9 million members worldwide; hence it is less popular than eHarmony.


Communication on eHarmony is limited. Members can only communicate through messages which are only available to premium members. Free users can only send site-generated questions. The free account holders are also not allowed to send personal messages.

Christian Mingle has a similar communication system. However, communication is only via the chat feature. Only premium users can use the messaging function, and free users can reply to messages sent to them by premium users.

Profile Quality

Member profiles on eHarmony are detailed. The website allows members to update their profiles every time they deem necessary. If you want to view other users’ profiles, you must upscale to a paid account. However, users can only access profiles of users that match their profile. New members must fill questionnaires and tests to fill their profiles. These questions ensure that the user profiles have enough details to get a perfect match.

On Christian Mingle, the platform allows free users to view other members’ profiles and full-size photos. The profiles are also informative but not as detailed as those on eHarmony. It offers new users limited questions to help fill in their profiles. Therefore, eHarmony’s user profiles are in better position than those of Christian Mingle.

Member Demography

eHarmony accepts members from all over the world. The site mainly attracts educated members with a stable lifestyle. Moreover, they are looking for serious commitments. The ratio between men and women is nearly equal, and most of the members are in the 25 to 34 years age group. You will not miss someone to chat with us. There are up to 16 million users active on the platform every week.

Christian Mingle’s user base comprises singles from three major countries: Australia, the USA, and the UK. There is relatively less activity on the website as it gets 40000 active users every week. The gender proportion is 50/50, meaning the number of men and women is the same. The main difference in the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle duel is that Christian Mingle is strictly for Christians while eHarmony admits members from various religious backgrounds.

Special Features

EHarmony does not have something innovative when it comes to special features, but it comes with all the essential elements. You can find most of the unique features available on the site on other dating sites. Some notable features include the “What If?” and video chat features.

Christian Mingle dating site does not have many unique features. All its unique functionalities are available to premium members only. Compared to eHarmony, it has fewer unique functionalities that enhance a user’s experience. Examples include Messaging+, LookBook, and Discovery Preferences.

Which One Is Better for Men?

Men have special dating needs; hence they need a dating platform that understands how they look for mates. So, for single men, which one between eHarmony vs Christian Mingle would be the best choice? Based on the features available on the two dating sites, men would undoubtedly go for eHarmony. Why? Read below to find out.

  • The site has icebreakers. Often, men find it hard to begin conversations with potential matches. eHarmony provides automated questions that will help men to start chatting with ladies they love.
  • The fact that only premium members can reply to messages works well for the men. This will help them trim down the list of potential matches to fewer profiles.
  • Members can only see the list of proposed matches. This feature is advantageous to men because they avoid wasting time online browsing through numerous profiles that don’t fit their profile.
  • Men usually prefer simplicity. eHarmony keeps things easy on the website’s interface and only has messaging as the communication feature. This makes it better for men to stay in touch with their potential matches without struggling with other forms of communication.

Which One Is Better for Women?

Studies have revealed that the online dating scene is usually different for women. There are reports of women being cyberbullied by mean persons online. In this regard, ladies seem to prefer dating sites with smaller communities. As a result, it would be true to conclude that female users would choose Christian Mingle dating sites. Here are the site’s features that make it ideal for women:

  • On Christian Mingle, ladies cannot receive spam messages. The site restricts the chat function to premium members. This ensures that only serious men send messages.
  • The site has a detailed profile testing system that flushes out fraudulent behavior. It also has a team that screens profile submissions to identify fake profiles. All these measures make the dating site more secure hence conducive for female users. The ladies will feel safer in an environment where there is less unbecoming behavior.
  • The site has an equal number of men and women. This is a friendlier environment for the ladies as they will not get hundreds of messages from potential matches, which could be overwhelming. On sites where there are more men than ladies, it becomes challenging for the ladies to keep up with the communication.

eHarmony vs Christian Mingle – Target Audience

When it comes to the target audience, the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle comparison becomes more interesting. Both sites seem to be targeting individuals looking for long-lasting relationships that could end up in marriage. Because of the nature of the relationships the sites are helping create, they both mostly attract users aged between 25 and 34 years.

However, eHarmony’s user base shows that the site targets a more global audience. Alternatively, Christian Mingle’s members are mainly from three countries – the US, the UK, and Australia.

Another difference is that Christian Mingle singles are all interested in marriage. On eHarmony, while members are interested in finding love, they are not necessarily interested in marriage.

Interface and Usability

The eHarmony dating site uses a straightforward interface design friendly to users of different ages. The website has a few features available, meaning the landing page is not cluttered. Members can only see a few icons and options on the menu bar. It arranges the matches in a grid displaying their name, city, and age.

The site does not use magnificent modern website designs. However, it is among the best in terms of navigation and usability. The features are neatly arranged, and the labels are simple. Your browsing will also not be interrupted by pop-up ads.

Similarly, Christian Dating site also uses the minimalist approach in its design. The designers chose to be pragmatic rather than focusing on beauty. The platform is also organized neatly, using straightforward buttons and tabs. Even if you are browsing the dating site for the first time, you will not have difficulty finding your way around.

The contrast between the site’s background and the content is perfect. There is also a good ratio of photos and text. Generally, the site is user-friendly, even for users who are not tech-savvy.

Pricing – Which Service is More Affordable?

As mentioned earlier, both sites offer users some services for free while others are reserved for premium members. Read this section for a detailed breakdown.


Free Services:

  • Account registration.
  • Creating a user profile.
  • Sending winks to members you like.
  • View other users’ profiles.
  • Send up to five site-generated questions.
  • Add members to your favorites list.
  • Browse probable matches outside your preferences.

Premium Services:

  • View user photos.
  • See members that added you to their list of favorites.
  • See who visited your profile.
  • Get unlimited access to messaging feature.
  • Browse the userbase incognito.
  • Get matches outside your inclinations.

To access the premium services on eHarmony, here are the subscription plans to choose from:

Name of Plan Duration Costs Total
Premium Light 6 Months 10.98 USD/Month 65.90 USD
Premium PLUS 12 Months 3.83 USD/Month 45.90 USD
Premium EXTRA 24 Months 1.50 USD/Month 35.90 USD

Christian Mingle

Free Services:

  • Account registration.
  • Creating a user profile.
  • Searching for potential matches.
  • Sending smiles.
  • Liking other users’ profiles.
  • Seeing members that liked your profile.
  • Seeing users that visited your profile.

Premium Services:

  • Sending and receiving messages from other premium members.
  • Sending messages to free account users.
  • Hiding your profile from potential matches.
  • Receive message delivery notification.
  • Concealing your online status.
  • Browsing incognito.

Christian Mingle Premium membership plans are as follows:

Duration Costs Total
1 Month 49.99 USD/Month 49.99 USD
3 Months 34.99 USD/Month 104.97 USD
6 Months 24.99 USD/Month 149.94 USD

When you compare the membership costs of the two dating sites and the services you get, eHarmony seems to offer better value for money. Conversely, Christian Mingle appears to target an exclusive group of Christians who can afford the membership costs. Also, both sites’ plans have been designed to encourage members to go for longer subscriptions as they are more economical.

Pros and Cons


Pros Cons
The site design is simple and easy to navigate and has a mobile app. It does not offer one to three-month subscription plans.
The user profiles are detailed. Free users cannot do much on the dating platform.
It has a massive userbase spread across over 200 countries worldwide.
The members on eHarmony are active, with the site registering 16 million active users each week.
Most of the users are well-educated and live decent lives.

Christian Mingle

Pros Cons
The site has a strict verification system that keeps scammers away. Free users cannot achieve much on the site.
It also has an equal number of male and female users, hence competition is not very stiff. It does not have a global appeal.
The site and mobile app designs are basic, making them friendly to users of all age groups.
The members on eHarmony are active, with the site registering 16 million active users each week.
It is a site dedicated to Christian singles, meaning you will easily find like-minded singles.

And the Winner Is…

Based on the discussions in this review, it becomes easier to answer the question – Which is better, Christian Single vs eHarmony? The review’s findings point to the fact that eHarmony is the better dating platform. Here are concrete facts that support this claim:

  • The site has a following massive spread all over the world. This means you can find a match from your locality. It is also easier for users who want partners from other parts of the world to find them on the platform.
  • eHarmony does not discriminate against users based on religion. Christian Mingle is strictly for Christian singles looking for marriage, making it very restrictive. On the other hand, eHarmony accommodates users from different religious backgrounds.
  • When it comes to subscription plans, eHarmony offers its users the best value for money. Even though there are no one-month and three-month subscription plans, the available plans are affordable.
  • eHarmony is also more innovative in terms of available features. On the website, users can access icebreakers that help start conversations. Many users miss out on their potential matches because they can’t start a conversation with them. On eHarmony, that would never happen! So, at this point, it is clear that the eHarmony vs Christian Mingle duel is won by eHarmony.
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