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Datehookup review – what do we know about it?

Datehookup review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 11%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 25000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A user-friendly site that offers the privilege of free dating.
  • It has worldwide exposure.
  • Huge user base
  • Free chatting facility is a definite advantage of using Datehookup.
  • The US users hold a major slice in the database.
  • Datehookup offers easy registration: it’s time-saving.
  • Email verification is required: it reduced the risk of a fake profile.
  • Profiles are elaborate for viewing.
  • A navigation friendly design is a privilege.
  • The support feature of the site is quite active.
  • The complexity of the relationship is honored here.
  • The matchmaking algorithm in intuitive.
  • VIP profiles are privileges profile, and that offers value for money
  • The male-female user number ratio is balanced here.
  • Highly mobile responsive site: users can browse from mobile.
  • Although the site claims to be free, it is not.
  • Users can only contact via the website.
  • Free users will find the site filled with commercials of sister concerns/affiliates.
  • Sharing personal information via profile is not allowed
  • There is no Datehookup app available yet.
  • Free users cannot browse the profile completely.
  • Too many ads for the free profile users hamper the user-experience.
  • Premium users get a few social privileges only.
  • The subscription gets auto-renewed, and cancellation may turn to pester.
  • Location-based matchmaking offers distant users: minimum distance is 50 km.
  • Age is one of the main criteria of search here and keeps the human element away
  • Joining the Datehookup groups is possible if the age range matches the user’s profile, which is a discrepancy.
  • Unless location criteria are matched, serious dating ideas cannot get materialized.

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Datehookup is a social dating site. As stated in the name of the site, the site aims to set a healthy date, and if it is mutually agreeable, the hook is between two young adults. One of the main reasons behind the popularity of this dating site is its free mode. You can use this popular dating platform free of cost; however, there is provision for a paid membership.

The site’s spokesperson has clearly stated that the site has been planned to help the young adults find their partners at a no-cost plan. Datehookup earns most of its profit from the advertisements played on the platform. The site maintains a large number of users, but somehow the chunk of its users are from the USA. This is one of the dating platforms where free users enjoy almost the same facilities as the paid users.

Initially, the site was launched in the year 2002, and later on, in 2014, the owner of the website completely revamped it. The titleholder of the site is InterActiveCorp and People Media, and the goal of Datehookup is to maintain a bond of fraternity all around the world. The site is open for all to join, as the users are 18 and 18+ years of age. The site is open for all relationships: users may find straight, lesbian, and gay relationships, and for an apparent reason, the reach of this dating site is wide and quite prolific.

Datehookup supports multiple languages, and it is indeed an advantage. People from all across the world with different mother tongues can choose this dating site to find their partner regardless of whether they are looking for a casual fling or are planning to settle in real life.

Datehookup review - what do we know about it

How does Datehookup work?

The dating site Datehookup stands on the four pillars. These are communication, customer care, reasonable price, and its usability. It is free to join, which means customers can join the dating site free to get the hang of this dating platform. The site runs on simple dynamics, and it works for all its users regardless he/she is looking for some fun or is determined to start a new relationship in a serious mindset.

Of course, matching is the prime algorithm of the site for pairing partners. Profile analysis is the most important info here, which can create a pool of contacts for you. You can search for a profile with a few filters in mind. These are age, location, occupation, planning for the future, and gender. The site sends some friends’ suggestions based on your submitted profile data, and at the same time, you, as a user, can find contacts by searching and sending friend requests.

The site works on intuitive matchmaking. On the other hand, there is the scope of investing personal effort in finding the cherished match for you. In both ways, the site works fine for its users.

How does Datehookup work

Registration – is it really easy?

Yes, easy registration is one of the attractive conveniences of this dating site. You can join the site free of cost, and it hardly takes 5 minutes to furnish the initial requirements. You need a username like most of the dating sites. You should make it interesting but preferably not explicit.

Although it is a free registration process on the interface of Datehookup, the site maintains profile quality. You have to verify the profile. You will get a link on your email account, and you have to click on it to get your registration done, and your profile gets approved for the enlistment.

The registration process is the first step in making your profile up on the Datehookup community. The site enjoys (according to a survey) around 500 thousand unique visitors per month, and that includes both men and women single. The profile holders are of different social status quo: you will get to find the profiles of individuals with status like single, in a relationship, married, separated, divorced, and widowed. You may opt for relations like casual and dating, respectively.

Your registration has to be done so that you can create a catchy profile to stay connected here.

Registration - is it really easy

What about design and usability?

Datehookup is a popular dating site, and according to the acceptance quotient, it is the 3rd most popular free dating site, which people can enjoy free of cost. The popularity explains how easy the site is to deal with. Indeed, yes! It is user-friendly and navigation-friendly. You can browse the website without any jerk, and that’s a boon for the users. The font and color of the site content is eye candy. It is easy to read and enjoy because it is straight and 100% real-world.

It is easy to stay on the site, and if you are planning to make your first profile on a dating site, you will manage to complete it without any hiccups. Uploading a picture or tracking the likes on your profile is easy like 1-2-3. Want to find some like-minded groups here? Just search, and you will have multiple options at your fingertips, which is the credit of the site design.

Let’s come to the question of usability. The popularity of Datehookup just deciphers how usable the site is. It is a perfect platform for singles to find his/her soul mate at a lower cost. The site offers the scope of so many activities that will help you find new friends if you are not exactly looking for a partner. The game-like “let’s meet” will give you scope to browse a large number of people to glance over. Similarly, people can stalk over your profile and send you messages. Partner, or no partner, it’s enjoying enough!

What about design and usability

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile quality on the site Datehookup is quite satisfactory. You have to provide a detailed outline of yourself as a user of the website. The basic details like age, location, gender, a short-bio, country, birthday, and zip code are the first-hand information you have to list. However, in your profile, you cannot list the ways to contact you directly, like putting phone numbers, email addresses, full names, etc. Violating this rule may cause termination of your profile from the Datehookup community.

You can upload our profile picture here. However, the site moderators do not appreciate explicit photographs, and photos are subject to approval from the site admin. Whatever virtual gifts you have received so far, you can show them in your profile, which simply speaks of your popularity on the platform. The profile holders can send virtual gifts to the other selected users as a gesture of their fancies. If you want, you can deactivate your profile too.

The age range in the profile matters a lot. It is a parameter that helps you find your dating partner. The groups are age-specific on Datehookup. If you are, for instance, in your early 30, you will get the option to join in the groups where most of the users are of early 30-age.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The mobile application

Datehookup does not have any mobile app as of now. Some users are claiming that the site will launch its exclusive apps shortly, but there is no official confirmation available.

However, there is no problem with user experience because of the absence of the app. The site is superbly mobile responsive. The users, regardless they are using the free profile, or the paid premium one can enjoy the site and its hook up fun from their mobile browser. It’s effortless and a matter of great entertainment.

Safety & security

Datehookup is a safe dating site if you are well aware of the online safety protocol. The site maintains different resource pages; one of them is about the best tricks of staying safe while online. Furthermore, the site does not allow the users to display their online details like email, phone number, etc. so that strangers or people with a vicious mentality cannot contact a user for harassment personally.

The site is secured as each of the profiles is connected with a verified email ID, and the profile holders are asked to offer a display profile picture. But as relationship status varies here, complex mentality, people can create a variety of cybercrime. It is always wise to stay alert, and if there is any threat you feel around, you can contact the help section of the site.

Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

There is a little catch here. Datehookup introduces itself as a free dating site, but it is not all free. Yes, you can open a free account here, but all the advantages of this dating website are not available to free of cost. There is an option of upgrading your free account into a VIP account.

The VIP account holders are eligible to get some paid services like the facility of viewing the list of likes of the users already viewed your profile. A premium user can use the website without the interruption of advertisement, which helps in improving user experience.

The cost of VIP membership is quite inexpensive. Check the price slab here. The premium gets reduced if you book your membership for the long term.

  • 1 month or 30 days’ subscription for only $6.95/month
  • 3 months or 90 days’ subscription for $5.95/month
  • 6 months or 180 days’ subscription for $4.90/month.

VIP membership will offer you an auto-renewal facility so that you can enjoy your dating and friendly enjoyment online continually. If you want to cancel your membership, you can do it anytime.

Here you can pay via PayPal; however, you may get some more safe payment gateway options depending on your location. Please speak to the support center once before paying.

Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Datehookup is a dating site and a social community, and here you, as a user, will get to speak to strangers. It can be risky, and therefore the website admin offers some safety features in its recommendation like

  • Not to share personal details
  • Keeping financial information secret
  • Never to click or download from any external link
  • Not to share any explicit video or chat that may harm your social dignity, etc.

However, the site maintains a support number. In case the users face any problem regarding the site and its user experience, they can call at +0481 42 85215. The support-mail is also available on the website for offering online helps for Datehookup users.

Help & support


Are you still wondering if Datehookup is right for you? Use this Q&A list to get rid of hesitancy.

Is Datehookup safe?

Yes, Datehookup is a safe dating site. The site moderators maintain the site with their best effort so that the community remains safe and bug-free. The users’ profile is constructed in a way that hardly reveals the details, including the bio description of the other users. If there is any case of online harassment, a user can block the disturbing other users. To sum up, if online safety features are obeyed, the site is a free but safe dating platform for the users.

Is Datehookup a real dating site?

Yes, it is a real dating site. Datehookup offers two types of relation opportunities. One is dating, and the other is making friends. The age, gender-specific profile, and location details are the parameters a single can use for finding another single with similar interest. Hence, it is a good dating site you can use safely.

How to use Datehookup?

Datehookup can be used free. You have to do registration here. Both men and women can join the site to make new friends and find their life partners. The matchmaking algorithm starts suggesting friends for you once the profile is made, and the site starts scrolling your profile. This matchmaking suggestion, personal search, adding people on the profile are the ways to find potential matched here.

How to use Datehookup

Is Datehookup free?

You can join the site free, and many services here a user can use for free-of-cost. But there is a provision of upgrading the profile, which is availing of a premium subscription. These premium users can enjoy some exclusive benefits, which free profile users cannot enjoy.

Is Datehookup really works?

Yes, the site Datehookup works. The users of this dating site are from all corners of the globe; hence it has international exposure in this category. People who are interested in making new friends will find this platform interesting. If you are looking for your real-life dating-partner, you have to search for contacts based on location similarity. Bases on location similarity, you can find an opportunity for real dating via this site.


Datehookup is a popular dating site, which allows an eligible single to search for another single either for making friends or for fixing a date. You can search here counting on age, location, gender, or your relationship goal. Lesbian and gays are also eligible to open an account here to find the match or make friends, which offers a real cosmopolitan hang of the website.

Datehookup is a popular dating hangout not for its user database but its versatile functionality. It helps in finding new friends and is suitable for searching for a partner for a long term relationship. Initially, the users were mostly from the USA, but now, Datehookup has earned acceptance all over the world in the free dating website category.

Finding a like-minded person is somehow about luck, but it is also about some effort to find the right match with which you can start interacting positively. Liking and admiring each other can only start a fruitful relationship. Datehookup is a safe virtual community where you can try to find your partner for a long term mutual relationship. That is the best advantage of using this virtual community.

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by Winter Oct 05, 2021
The dating site is easy, and course-plotting is a breeze. We receive an adequate number of basic facts and knowledge for consumers that seem popular with me personally. Really, i really do love located on this site. I was able ton't find my existing pal yet. However, i came across a couple of inquisitive individuals correspond with. I'm free of charge and relaxed while talking to these people. I would suggest that this incredible website to any or all who's going to be finding great companionship, regardless of the kind of relationship.
by Balling Oct 04, 2021
Great thoughts. I've discovered enough ready and intriguing visitors and some freaks . that's a norm once you are using the internet. Some matches weren't in my own location . that's the reason we remained buddies. I will claim that this specific service gives several resources which will make other people take note of we. Initially, it's enough space to develop your very own member profile and supply enough information regarding the way you look and dynamics. After that, texting is fine. Generally speaking, you access full online connections and may bring a night out together whenever while prepared fulfill your chosen in real life.
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