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Oasis Active Review – what do we know about it?

Oasis Active Review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 2.100.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • There is a large number of active members
  • It has a quick navigation
  • The site has an easy-to-use interface
  • Search your match through all database
  • Mobile App is free
  • A free desktop version may be availed
  • Customer help and support services
  • A high chance to be rejected
  • No trial to learn all basics features
  • People from countries except Australia cannot join this site
  • Special features require a paid version

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Oasis Active, founded by 3H Group Pty Ltd in 2008, a free online dating website. It serves all adult women and men who need to discover and meet different singles (for example military singles) in their general locality to help friendship and easygoing matchmaking. This online dating platform is a standout among other online dating locales for meeting potential partners. This site assists young people care to find and structure associations with good matchmakings. This genuine review will let you make your mind about the site’s current users, about joining process, well-being steps for members, what expenses and prices, positive and negative traits, and the unique features of the site.

How does Oasis Active work?

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

In case you’re keen about pursuing Oasis Active, this Oasis Active review will give you an entirely basic and smoothed out activity outline of this site. The necessary one-time registration will take about a few minutes. The site will need an absolute minimum amount of your biodata. The sleek framework of the site permits users to get started as opposed to deferring them with a bulk of inquiries and fields a user needs to top off promptly.

The site works by arranging automatic matches for its users by analyzing the data provided by users. While finishing the profile creation steps, Oasis Active will ask some questions; the reason behind this action is to clear your data for site’s algorithmic to access and analyze your personality for giving you the best match suggestions.

Registration – is it really easy?

You can finish the signup procedure in just a couple of minutes.

Need to begin and join now?

Visit the Oasis Active sign-in page. From that point, you’ll have to tell the website about your simple identity and about who you are looking to meet.

The site requests your true gender and sex of your desired match.

Once you have added this data to the website, you’ll be asked to verify your email address after entering a legitimate email address and selecting a secret word for safety purposes. It is additionally an opportunity to pick the Oasis Active username of your own choice, in case you don’t want to show your real name. There’s a great deal that could state about how to pick the best username. Here is a tip by Oasis Active review, keep your username simple, expressive, and short. It is because an extraordinary username utilizes your expressive words and tone to give a positive impression to other users, a clear picture of your identity, and an understanding of what you care about.

From here onward, Oasis active will ask for some other generally essential individual data from you, similar to data about your age and area of residence. The enrollment procedure is necessary. When you have your Oasis Active login, you’re allowed to sign in and begin meeting new individuals immediately afterward.

What about design and usability?

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

The way these profiles are designed, they come out to be incredibly informative. Anyways, all those fields are optional, and you may leave them black as per your choice. Although the site’s decision of format and shading plan feels somewhat dreary, in any event, it is practical.

A piece of advice by Oasis Active; if you want to receive more texts, clicks and increase likes on your profile, then you must take a pretty good time and fill in all the information. This will, however, show your level of interest to other members and the website itself. Let’s check by searching for some members, and you find nothing much to get an idea about the next person. This will disappoint you, and the worst part is, you will reject that profile most probably. So try to be as expressive as you can while filling out the form. Oasis Active screen shows the tabs, various navigational menus, and drop-down menus. Pages set aside a short effort to stack, and even pages like the match result page contain few images.

Let’s talk about profile quality

After getting done by the registration process, visit the home page again and head toward the login tab for beginning the journey to this site.

As the Oasis Active review mentioned previously, a significant number of people who have joined this site are mostly searching for extended haul duty and marriage. So, this implies that Oasis Active will approach you for a considerable amount of individual data. This may seem like an extensive procedure for many. Yet it is recommended that you should add all your necessary information. That’s because, since the more exertion and vitality you put into your Oasis Active profile, it will be more prominent and will help the site to achieve the most appropriate individual for you. However, all these fields are entirely optional, and members on the platform can choose to leave the fields blank.

The mobile application

Oasis Active review explores the easiest way to access this dating site. This dating site can be accessed through any Android and iPhone devices by using the mobile application. This versatile application is an entirely decent encounter for users. While it’s increasingly advantageous to remain up to date by utilizing your application software on the go, few people might not have any desire to download Oasis Active Mobile App. Moreover, you may have fundamentally no different highlights utilizing the portable site rather than the mobile application. Regardless of whether you choose to download the form or not, you have a lot of alternatives for how to cooperate with the desktop version of the website. However, the design may seem unattractive and colorful; the best thing about this app is that it is free just like other features of Oasis Active.

Safety & security

Oasis Active review encourages users like you to decide the safety caution of the site by yourself. Going through its safety features by doing a little research whenever you are making your mind about online dating. No one can guide you as better as the site mentions in its rules and safety column. As far as Oasis Active is concerned, this site so has a safety and support page for its members.

Pricing and benefits

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

Like many other websites, it is an undeniable fact that Oasis Active offers free versions to advertise and build its reputation. Technically this website is 100% free of cost. Yet the members working with its free membership plan find it hard to access other fancy features of this site, this sounds bad. On the contrary, if you are on this site’s free activation version, you might miss the unique functionality of this site. For instance, limited access and options of messaging are not available for free version users.

It is prevalent for even those sites that genuinely free to use. The sites turned out to be polluted with distracting and annoying ads, which is a significant pain for some users. So isn’t it better to pay for something and enjoy the hassle-free access? Oasis Active review brings out the philosophy of value for money to you. It depends on what is the amount of money for you. If you prefer cash over dating, you might not enjoy the perks. Else, marriage or relationship is more vital for you; the value of a free version will be your priority. So, end of the day, it’s up to you to remain in free access or to enjoy the paid features. The site offers PayPal or Credit card options to be utilized.

Help & support

They offer 24/7 assistance at their customer service center. However, it may happen that you will not be attended if it’s not the working hour of sit.

The site provides an authentic email to contact to get your queries answered or for a solution about any problem you are facing. For example, if you can’t comprehend why the cash was pulled back from your record, you can contact client service. They may respond to a portion of your inquiries. Still, a large part of them is produced naturally. So, trust your impulses on the off chance that you feel hazardous or questionable on any online dating site. The golden tip is never to give your data to different individuals. Only you can help secure yourself and different individuals by bringing anybody dubious to the consideration of the site’s arbitrators.


How to stop Flirt messaging?

Yes, if you are not interested in viewing a flirts or posers’ messages, you can stop them. To do so, you need to go to the profile settings and search for Criteria tab and tick mark the column saying, Do not allow members to contact me.

Can others see personal photos?

No, you have a private gallery to upload your pictures to. The site restricts other users from reaching out to your photographs. In case you want to get them access, send them a contact request, once they are in your contact list, they will be able to see your photos.

How to stop annoying Ads?

Go for the paid version, and say goodbye to the Ads.

How can you report someone misbehaving?

Clients have the choice to report others for inconsiderate or hostile conduct, in case some user has sent you a wrong message, simply go to his/her profile page and snap the whistle symbol to report them.

How to deactivate an account?

If you are not happy and want to deactivate your account, simply go to your Oasis Active account’s settings area and pick the “Deactivate your account” option.

Is Oasis Active safe?

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

This site itself is not intended to scam its users, although some users may scam others that the real identity of a person can not be seen. It becomes un control able for a site to detect such posers. So all that you need to do is, take good care while using any online dating sites. These dating sites may seem a scam somehow. However, you may keep yourself protected by going through the rule notes of the website. It is always better to prevent such encounters than to treat while working on such sites, especially when you are unaware of the attacker. Another thing to consider is that you must not add your accurate information to such extent, that the scam can get you right at your location.

Is Oasis Active a real dating site?

Probably, Oasis Active provides 100% free services to both men and women. However, you can enjoy some extra features by paying a little amount. If you are looking for a real date, do not join this site. This site is made for online dating purposes only.

How to use Oasis Active?

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

Using the site is very simple. You might not need any assistance to access the free features, but here are some descriptions of the features you would get in the fee-based version.

Like me Option

This feature is fun, just like Facebook’s stalker report tells you, who viewed your profile. In the same manner, this site offers a list of members to users who have shown interest in meeting them. You just need to select your favorite among the list.

My Maybes Option

This site is very frank with its users when it comes to interacting with its terms and terminologies used on websites. You must have seen the interested or no exciting option provided by many typical online dating sites. Unlike the other sites, Oasis Active provides the opportunity of My Maybes, by dropping your standby choices to that particular list of maybes. The good thing is that it’s not permanent, if you have changed your mind for some maybes, you may get him/her back

Active Chat Feature

In this age of innovations and new upgraded systems, Oasis Active, like other sites, is determined to bring you a quality service with updated features and elements to facilitate the users as much as possible. The audio and video chat option is the best tool to use while you don’t know the person you are chatting to. It is easier, unlike many other websites, you need to search your favorite person from the list, set to send him/her a message and let the fun begin.

The Shoutout Option

This feature requires a fee to pay for using it. It allows you to choose among the predefined texts by the website, and it compiles and broadcasts over 1 thousand members according to the criteria of the match.

Ads Reduction

If you are already a member of other online chatting or dating sites, you might be aware of the unwanted ads that websites or companies play to generate traffic income. They are so distracting, especially when you are chatting to a beautiful girl or a handsome guy. So once you get paid version, you won’t see such Ads.

Is Oasis Active free?

Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

Oasis Active is free up until the general use and registration procedures. It offers a package for access to extra features like advanced chatting options. To apply for a paid version, you can use different modes of payment like PayPal or Visa card. For a more sophisticated payment system, you can set it up accordingly, which will let you renew the subscription automatically.

What it offers for free:

  • Account Registration
  • Match Searching
  • Messaging / Chat function
  • Profile Creation
  • Profile Themes

And these are the fee-based features

  • Ads reduction
  • Advance chatting feature
  • Shout outs

Is Oasis Active really works?

It is undoubtedly a free online dating site with some of the paid features. This site has some fancy attributes that will win your heart.


Oasis Active review - what do we know about it?

Oasis Active is a free Australian online dating website, based in Sydney. The site is well known for its open nature of access to both males and females without any sex orientation limit. But there is a pain point for its user; that is, it gives free access to features. Yet the site provides advanced features and an Ads-free environment for users, only on behalf of the paid version. So users need to be very careful while using this site. Indeed, Oasis Active review does not recommend the site if you are finding a genuine relationship. The site itself has no such attributes. Oasis Active review suggests that this dating site is ideal if you are looking for new hookups or if you are looking for baptist dating sites. Yet possibilities are there, that might be the one you get one sincere friend, who turns o be your best match later. Anyhow, Oasis Active does not promise such a feature.

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by Kayla Oct 07, 2021
The dating site is straightforward, and navigation is easy. I access an adequate range issues and understandings for customers that appear appealing to me. In reality, i actually do really enjoy being on this website. I possibly couldn't come across my recent buddy yet. However, I found multiple wondering men and women to communicate with. I feel cost-free and calm while communicating with them. I strongly urge website to everyone whos interested in close companionship, whatever the style of commitment.
by BAXTER Oct 02, 2021
I would like some other daters to understand that this particular service 100per cent performs optimally without tactics. People that undoubtedly crave to get in touch with a special someone won't rue her options once signing up for the platform. The most important thing is certainly not to give up. You will find already fulfilled my personal beloved, therefore we are now satisfied. I feel arousal and relationships, which means a great deal. Very, our company is crazy, plus its never far too late for anyone of various age groups and demands. I will suggest this great site, very just decide to try.
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