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Matchbox Review – What Do We Know About It?

Matchbox Review – What Do We Know About It?
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Date with older guy 36%
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Reply rate 86%
Beauty 80%
Profiles 925.000
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Pros and Cons

  • It is an application that you can download on any mobile device with operating systems such as Android or iOS.
  • It allows you to meet people from different parts of the world, just by configuring the location or place option in your application.
  • It is a safe application to find partners and even long-term relationships.
  • It can be used in its free version with access to almost all its functions.
  • It allows you to create your user account and full profile quickly and easily.
  • Its operators verify that the profiles of its members and users are legitimate.
  • Their customer service and support are always available so that they offer quick and effective solutions to any problem.
  • It only allows it to be used through its application; it does not have a Matchbox website.

The Matchbox application is recognized for being safe and reliable in finding a partner and even getting married. Focused on single people who want to flirt and meet people, it offers the security and privacy they need. Founded in 2016, it has managed to consolidate thousands of couples, creating an opportunity in its application accessible to anyone.

Owned by the Matchbox Matrimonial Company, its application is available in many Arab countries, Latin America and Europe. With this application, it is possible to meet people from different cultures, exchange opinions, and thoroughly know each other. You can find from users who want to have fun and flirt or who want to find a partner to achieve a serious and lasting relationship.

This application’s objective is to provide singles with a safe and completely private place with the opportunity to find a partner. With this application’s seriousness and credibility, many young people use their services to find partners that meet their demands. Without a doubt, it offers the access you need to find the ideal person and build strong and lasting relationships.

If you want to have fun and chat with different people, you can do it comfortably through this application. In this Matchbox review, we show you that it is possible to meet, chat, and even set up appointments seamlessly whenever you want. With the possibility of meeting people in a secure environment from different places, this application has millions of users who want to find a partner through its services.

Easily downloadable, from anywhere, you will have access to its easy and fast download on the mobile device of your choice. Without taking up space, the application works quickly and efficiently so that you can always enjoy its services. With its easy operation, you will be able to open your account and register yourself in just a few minutes to start navigating your options.

Another advantage of this application is the security it offers to its members. In it, you can publish your photos and information on your profile and be assured of your privacy. Your conversations, personal data, and all your activities will be protected and cannot be extracted from the application. In the same way, they verify their members’ profiles, ensuring that there are no false profiles in the application.

How does Matchbox work?

How does Matchbox work?

To have fun, flirt, and even find people who want a relationship within this application, you only need to create a profile. Quickly, you can download your application on your devices, which is very light. Once installed, it offers the ability to create your custom user account in just a few minutes.

In your profile, you can upload photos and personal information so that other users can have a clear view. Once the user account is created, the app offers the possibility to start interacting and chatting immediately. If you use the application through your mobile devices, you will only have to touch the screen to choose a user.

That way, you can start flirting with other members and meet nice people who are also looking for fun. Even if you feel delighted with some of its users and want to meet, you can do so and even get a stable partner. Undoubtedly, its easy operation and interaction are advantages of this application for all its members.

Registration: Is it easy?

Registration: Is it easy?

Yes, it is very simple. By having an active email and a valid phone number, you can download the application on your mobile devices. Once installed, you have to follow the registration steps providing personal information such as name, surname, location, and telephone number. Upon completion, they send you a validation email or a code to your mobile to confirm your account and membership.

Once you complete all your steps and verification, the application is available to start enjoying its services. Choosing any of its members to chat is free and easy. You can choose a member by tapping the screen. You can also use the location and preference settings whenever you want to have fully personalized results.

What About Design and Usability?

What about design and usability?

Your application has a simple and easy-to-use design. Getting what you want will not be a problem, since it’s neat and visible presentation offers what you need. Just by opening it on your mobile device, it will have an accessible format in which you can take advantage of all its benefits and services.

Regarding the application’s design, it has several icons through which it is very easy to navigate. Your options are also presented in an orderly way so that your users quickly get what they are looking for. If you want to like a profile or see various options, you can even do so anonymously.

For its use, this application offers comfort and privacy since, with it, you can browse, chat, and flirt without being connected. With this, you get the privacy you want, and the best thing is that you will have your application available anywhere. Another user-friendly benefit of this app is finding people from different locations just by changing the settings.

Lets Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s talk about profile quality

One of the best aspects of the app is creating a complete profile that reflects your personality. In this way, getting people related to your tastes and preferences will be easy in this application. When creating your profile, you can enjoy many configuration options, which you can make the most of to your satisfaction.

If you want to upload multiple photos, you will be able to do it without problems and even display an entire album. That way, you can reflect your hobbies, adventures and publish your different facets to users. The app also offers different tabs and functions to summarize your personality and what you expect and look for within the application.

Another advantage of this application is the easy configuration of its content so that you only have access to what you want to see. You can even configure matching preferences with other members so that they can be viewed according to similar preferences. Undoubtedly, this makes interaction easier and also the possibility of connecting with a user successfully.

The mobile app

The mobile application is undoubtedly functional, comfortable to use, and offers the functions you want to find. Plus, it’s compatible with common operating systems so that you won’t have a problem downloading it. On your mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets, you will have the convenience of having your application so that you can access it at any time.

Just by connecting to the web, you can receive the members’ likes and messages. Another benefit of this application is the ability to browse anonymously without being connected. Thus, if you do not want to be bothered by a user, you can enter and view the profiles and even send messages and flirtations without problems.

Protection and security

Protection and security

At all times, the application guarantees the protection and privacy of all your data. Your messages and conversations will also be protected, so there is no risk of data loss in this application. Its owners and administrators strive to avoid creating false profiles that can put their members at risk.

Similarly, the conversations between members cannot be read or viewed by other users of the application. If you don’t want to share any personal data like phone or email, or your location, you don’t have to. No member will be able to see that information on your profile. In this way, the app gives assurance that your data is safe.

With all the security guarantees they offer, you can be at ease while meeting people in this application. All conversations, photographs, and information on your profile cannot be extracted to ensure your peace of mind. Also, users who present some strange behavior may be reported to administrators, and their profiles blocked or deleted.

When you join the app by creating an account, the application indicates a minimum age of 18 to use its services. In this way, the interaction between its members only occurs between adults, and you will not find minors. Your data is verified to ensure its authenticity so that false profiles are not found within this application.

Prices and Benefits

Prices and benefits

As an application available to everyone, its operators are responsible for providing the best access to their services. From the countries where it is available, downloading it on your mobile devices has no cost. In this way, millions of users download it quickly and easily, and it does not take up space on their devices.

On devices with operating systems such as iOS or Android, you can find your application for download. Without problems, from Google play, just by placing the application’s name in your search engine, you will have it at your fingertips. In just a few minutes, your download will be ready to start using it immediately.

To enjoy this dating app, you don’t need to cancel any initial subscription. Creating your user profile and starting to chat with other members is at your fingertips without canceling any plan or membership. However, the application offers a payment option with which you can enjoy additional options if you wish.

Features like updating your profile, and many more, cost anywhere from $8 to $30. In this way, you can choose what advantages you want to have at your fingertips and cancel the price or cost that the application indicates. When you want, you can make your payment and take advantage of the advanced features.

Help and Support

This application offers its users the comfort of quick and effective solutions to ensure your peace of mind. For this, its support and customer service is of quality, and with it, you will have no problem-solving any situation. At your fingertips, you will be able to contact the operators of this application instantly when necessary.

For your satisfaction, you can find Matchbox reviews on the web where its users express satisfaction with its customer support service. Through the Matchbox website, members can raise their complaints, concerns, and even doubts, which will be answered promptly. You always have a team of operators available at all times to attend to your requests.

Attentive to your comments, suggestions, and any problems, they are always available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. At Matchbox, you will not only be able to enjoy your services safely, but you will also have the effectiveness of your customer support at your disposal.

With this efficient service, you will not have instant problems with your application’s situation or concern. Quickly, they will provide you with the solution, and you will get the answers you are looking for. Thus, you will have the security and confidence that your experience will be satisfactory, and you will be able to enjoy meeting people without any risk.

In any dating or meeting app like Matchbox, having a support service at your fingertips is paramount. If you have doubts about a member or notice any suspicious attitude, you can notify without problems. Their 24-hour-a-day care ensures that you don’t take risks or have problems with your application.

Questions and Answers

Questions and answers

Do you have any questions left? Check the FAQs-list below to find the answers.

Is Matchbox safe?

This application is safe. With the privacy and profile verification it offers, you can rest easy while getting to know your members. With this application, you will have the privacy and confidence that your data, photos, and conversations will not be seen or extracted for other uses. Similarly, they make sure that they can report it directly in case of noticing any strange behavior in their members. Thus, its operators verify the information and take the necessary actions to ensure its users’ tranquility and security.

Is Matchbox a real dating app?

No, the Matchbox app offers the ability to flirt and have fun while interacting with one or more of its members. Within the application, there is no in-person dating function. If it happens, it happens by mutual agreement between its users.

However, conversations are common to produce real dates and even relationships due to the application profile. Undoubtedly, the application facilitates interacting and meeting among its members to decide if you want to have an appointment.

How to use Matchbox?

To use the Matchbox application, you have to download it on any of your mobile devices. By doing so, you need to create an account quickly, and you can enjoy the application immediately. Just by touching your mobile screen and using the emoticons it offers, you will have no problem starting to flirt.

In the same way, you will see the users who want to establish contact or review members’ profiles related to your preferences. You can even take advantage of your hidden browsing to have the peace of mind you want and chat with your favorite user.

Is Matchbox free?

The application offers the possibility of using its services for free, allowing you to converse and interact with its users. Creating your profile, flirting, and chatting with your members is completely free. In these services, you will have many advantages without spending and investing money from your budget.

As in any application, there are more advanced services and functions to experiment with, and people can use these features by making a payment. If you decide to access these additional options, such as updating your profile, you can do so without making any payment. With these features, the experience of meeting users can be more entertaining and have more functions.

Does Matchbox work?

The Matchbox app works, and with it, you can have fun, flirt, and even find a partner if you want. With your preferences’ configuration, you will find members related to what you are looking for, facilitating your connection. Undoubtedly, this application can offer you the possibility of entertaining yourself or finding a stable partner in its members.

By downloading it, you can access all its free features and start meeting people from anywhere. If you are looking for a stable relationship, you can select users who match your search. Without rushing and enjoying the best of your connection, you will have enough time to get to know its members in-depth.

Many people have found a partner in this application or are having fun and dating with its use. Without a doubt, this application works, and the best thing is that it is available to everyone. With the functions, easy access, and free of charge, interacting with its members is easy and safe.



This dating app is ideal for people who want to find a compatible partner with their tastes and preferences. In it, you will not only have access to people from different parts of the world, but you will also be able to meet them safely. Your configuration options, protection of your data, and services guarantee your satisfaction and provide you with opportunities to meet people.

With the convenience of downloading the Matchbox app on your mobile devices, you can stay in touch with your members. Even browsing the profiles of its users, anonymously is also possible. Whenever you want, you have to download it and create your account and use it for free without any plan or subscription.

With all this, getting a partner is within your reach with this service is very easy. At any time of the day, you can review your messages and chat with people who may be ideal. For free, you will have access to this application’s best services and from wherever you are.

Ryan Grover
Ryan Grover
Ryan Grover
MS, RD & Writer
Ryan is experienced and well-known psychologist, dating and relationship advisor, he likes traveling, yoga and Indian culture overall. He is real professional!
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Customer reviews
by Ryberg Jan 12, 2022
I interestingly thought it was super easy to build and set my favorite on the internet visibility. I love the methods I'm able to summarize me and show our character. I suppose the account started to be the answer to several fights I usually collect. We send emails, answer to many, discussion, and obtain genuine goes. To put it differently, my personal on-line being on this internet site try wealthy and various. Lots of people basically good friends for communicating. This is really cool since you show our personal ideas and learn from one another.
by Noelle Jan 04, 2022
Because of this excellent website for meeting a lot of extraordinary individuals. Nowadays, whenever both males and females are so busy with no time at all to note romantics growing freely around them, actually challenging to experience somebody to bring excellent occasion together. However, with this internet site, it comes down accurate. It's a rather time-saving and straightforward method of getting goes and enjoy lives.
by Quincy Jan 02, 2022
I really like this software. I'm relaxed and harmonized whenever using the gear and generating connectivity along with neighborhood customers. We have a great deal enjoyable and entertainment, remain safe and safe, and don't think way too blue basically cannot prepare another cellphone owner to enjoy me personally instantly. Often all we might previously want, isn't they?
Philip Goodman
by Philip Goodman Dec 30, 2021
I do want to keep in mind a handy program and plenty of onboard equipment to trigger new potential contacts. However, the my personal on the web relatives need gripes that the application cannot assist them to to enhance and spicy all the way up their unique sex life. I can't declare surely regarding the grounds for such garbage since each circumstance varies. However, one point is important in online dating, In my opinion. You are considering a chance to feel reasonable about extended distance. Location runs a job, along with a reasonable chance to receive a romantic date whenever individual you like everyday lives far away. Many people are bustling, and so they won't get for a lot of times to satisfy an individual personally. Website makes it possible for meeting people in your town that basically helps hookups, laid-back dating, and a lot of fun. We don't know how the software is wonderful for long-range dating since I'm not into trying to find a life companion. Anyway, i like no-strings-attached situations and decide to rekindle a subscription to our registration.
Tom Torres
by Tom Torres Dec 24, 2021
We accompanied the app this past year as well as have already achieved our a special someone in 30 days. Most people whine about a lot of the full time they have to put a night out together. Extremely, i believe I found myself quite fortunate. You will find a paid registration to gain access to all alternatives on the site instead to confine personally to virtually any form of discussion. Besides, i used to be most active, wanting communicate with as many folks as it can. Definitely, What i'm saying is only those whom might less or more appropriate for myself. My personal member profile features numerous cool pics, i had been 100per cent honest about simple expectations. I happened to be definitely not trying to find devotion, but I used to be prepared for newer activities and sensations. We never smooth over my beauty, lives, and characteristics. My personal account would be accomplished and, right after I started chatting, I didn't talk about how many other users need discover. I don't recognize undoubtably if this had been your mindset towards dating online or maybe just the chance that helped to me to be successful on this internet site. At any rate, thank you for this type of a great system.
Jennifer Beck
by Jennifer Beck Dec 14, 2021
I had been through really dirty break up after three years of really serious romance. I've just found out that our sweetheart were cheating on me personally continually. After three months of melancholy, my pals inspired us to sign up for the web page. They said which would assistance to develop my self and forget in regards to the worst type of. Thus, I've authorized on the webpage and create an account. I will declare that We grabbed a tremendously mindful and accountable approach to my character classification and didn't overlook a tab. Furthermore, I affixed many of my own better pictures. At first, it had not been supposed very well in my situation since I couldn't begin chatting anybody constantly. Spotty and clichéd email don't depend. Next, we produce several associates to talk and negotiate a variety of belongings. I experienced a beneficial enjoy for my attitude and ego. Needless to say, it has been good to listen to others that I am alluring, very hot, sensible, etc. Soon, your rubbing turned out to be much more explicit, and I also believed that i'm previously accessible to go out again. Very, I got a romantic date with certainly one of the best I've mat on this site. Things drove efficiently, so we had an enjoyable experience. Like this, We moving satisfying other people both on the internet and not online and gradually placing separate my favorite previous uncomfortable dating. Internet dating switched living for the much better, and that web site got a very important character with this shift.
by Zara Dec 10, 2021
Joining this dating website was the best thing that actually ever happened to me inside my love life. However, I'm youthful as well as not too encountered several different senior daters. Anyway, simple opinions tend to be good. There are a lot beautiful visitors on this site! Often, we also don't give messages but simply savor photograph. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into laid-back relationship in the meantime. I presume it's a tad very early for me personally to invest in a single person. I enjoy tests and hold your focus open. I'm always ready to take to new things in matchmaking, this internet site assists a good deal in recognizing simple goal and needs.
Angela Tyler
by Angela Tyler Dec 10, 2021
I take advantage of this application more often then not as soon as I like to chat or satisfy somebody to spend a great time period together. Not too long ago, I've acquired my very first date, plus it had been remarkable. Before witnessing one another the truth is, you spoke and located several usual items, implying out flavors, personal specifications, even some pastimes. Maybe, our online romance has-been important for the prosperous realtime time. We carry on and comminicate on the web and will eventually get out on the weekend. I don't make programs and attempt to be at liberty nowadays. This page helped to plenty.
Sarah Davis
by Sarah Davis Nov 29, 2021
This app is actually true, and I'm living proof the efficiency. I can not whine concerning this software since it provided me with the most popular times during lives. So, I've very happy to become listed on it and then have plenty a lot of fun. Definitely, they have not just already been without unsuccessful fits, but I do think this is exactly very a great all natural system. You are unable to obtain it all in a point in time, and a few weeks of messaging is generally essential setup a meetup.
Martha Jones
by Martha Jones Nov 26, 2021
After a few weeks and the other other date on this web site, I found a person that shares simple fundamental principles and prefers only one strategies because I love. Both of us like snowboarding and trekking, and after this, we love our existence jointly. I am willing to encourage this app, and I'm not just scared to fairly share all of our online dating sites experiences outside.
by Longman Nov 19, 2021
I enjoy this software because it don't take the time me personally with complicated exams. To tell the truth, I don't trust interface based on different reports since folks accustomed lay very often. Personally, It's far better to chat and ask questions, generating dialogs all-natural. Website comes with the operation I need to understand our on the web couples greater before going away.
Melvin Medina
by Melvin Medina Nov 19, 2021
I used to be relatively suspicious which it would move wherever, i will quickly realize one thing significant on this internet site. My good friend prefers internet dating, and I've just enrolled with this site enjoyment. Well, okay, frankly speaking, Recently I planned to confirm that online dating services shouldn't do the job and say to him or her eventually, “There you will be, pal, I said so.” However, The way we wish found online flirting addictive and going talking to truly fascinating characters. I have new relatives and even some lovers. Therefore, I'm getting a date offline and take pleasure in unique feedback.
by Helen Nov 09, 2021
Our enjoy on this web site got close. I'm totally comfortable when utilizing it and texting several customers. Needed have a very good technical good quality, and webpage, films, and images burden rapid and trouble-free. I am able to arranged numerous filters, and that encourages esteem in the process of linking with customers that i prefer. The city was substantial. You will find lots of contacts really desire true periods, whether it be about hookups and other kinds connections. Thus, in the meantime, simple experiences is just glowing. I'd numerous schedules, and they had been fine however properly appropriate me personally. So, I'm visiting manage your look, and this also web site might right place, I believe.
Vicki Vickie
by Vicki Vickie Nov 05, 2021
As a novice user, Chatting about how relish the knowledge. It's easy to socialize, as long as you is effective and esteem more customers. It's fun. Whether I'll get a hold of my personal great complement? I don't treat at this point. Several excellent times will do for me so far, and I'm looking and watching for way more activities before targeting a prospective life partner. We observe that website is definitely perfectly created for my favorite plans. Town try ok, and not one person attempts to have through your surface. Hence, personally i think comfortable possessing online enjoyable and my friends. We become a few things to fairly share, along with schedules I've received are really fascinating. Therefore, I'm very happy with my personal account, and an affordable outlay happens to be a plus.
Stephen Gray
by Stephen Gray Nov 01, 2021
I didn`t line up a person to big date because it is ahead of time for my situation yet . really a beginner on the site. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with how this app will be easy to utilize. All things are user-friendly, and I also didn't need certainly to waste time and work things out whenever I enrolled in this site. I additionally love how write pages are structured. It's really convenient to read through pictures, send information, prefers, and read about users' looks and heroes. I specify the spot considering that the distance is important for me and would be very happy to read several games that include folks close myself.
by GREGORY Oct 25, 2021
I like this service. After being an authorized user for about two months, I stumbled onto unique neighbors, so there is certainly not to complain about. The user interface allows you to build an appealing shape with numerous attractive photographs. If you should don't feel it necessary to add these farmland, perhaps you may forget about any of them. I suppose that images are considered the heavily weighed in the others you'll be able to display while chatting and chatting. We don't have actually a person for online dating at the moment, but I'm back at my option. I live in a rural locations, and most suits happen to be faraway from myself. But contemplating your newest favorites and our personal online interaction, i shall go forth soon. At any rate, the application operates, plus the community rocks !. I turned-down some freaks, but I've found no-one thus awful regarding stop them from contacting myself.
by Suhr Oct 21, 2021
The net schedules within the websites have grown to be a great and attention-grabbing experiences I think. It does the job completely for the self-confidence and let making new associations. They are certainly not relationships so far but look providing. Likewise, truly beautiful for me to break the snow and talk with individuals from any place i love. Surfing profiles are engaging, possibly. It's often intriguing decide how individuals promote themselves while searching for closeness.
by Selena Oct 19, 2021
Superb service for those not afraid of online dating services and available dialogues. The app is well-organized and contains a lot of signed-up users. Messaging is not a worry, and additional options are easy to receive and realize. As for myself, I've already discover someone with whom our chemistry is really clicking on.
Scott Jones
by Scott Jones Oct 11, 2021
Our site is wonderful for me. As I'm a tad weary of swiping, it was a middle surface for simple requirements. I don't structure any severe interaction today, but We won't hightail it after I fulfill my personal adore. This page doesn't pressure me and allows getting all amazing features of standard relationship. Besides, i love it app comes in handy to utilize, be it about navigation or charge. Costs is regular, but really don't grudge revenue for them since I get the very best advantage for rates they might need. I've currently fulfilled some reasonable individual and find horny times. Besides, we communicate with many customers to talk, joke, and go over numerous information, contains sex. I'm that i'm in my league from the society may be very friendly. Men and women don't assess an individual, mainly because it might be should you have acquired some one in a bar.
by Brodie Oct 05, 2021
The dating site is easy, and direction-finding is easy. I receive an ample many information and facts and understandings for consumers that appear appealing to me personally. To be truthful, i actually do delight in due to being on website. I possibly couldn't come across my latest good friend till now. Continue to, I recently found several interested individuals to speak with. Personally I think complimentary and calm while talking with these people. I recommend this site to any or all who's going to be in search of good companionship, regardless of kind of connection.
Jessica Santos
by Jessica Santos Oct 01, 2021
Needs other daters to know that this particular service 100percent performs optimally without tricks. Individuals that genuinely hunger for to receive in touch with a special someone won't feel dissapointed about their own solution any time applying for the working platform. The most important thing is absolutely not to give up. You will find already achieved my loved, therefore are now happier. I believe arousal and consistency, understanding that implies plenty. Hence, we are crazy, and it's never ever too late if you are of all ages and specifications. I would recommend this site, thus merely attempt.

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