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Guardian Soulmates review – what do we know about it?

Guardian Soulmates review – what do we know about it?
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 96%
Popular age 45-60
Profiles 3400000
About Site
Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Backed by the Guardian group of companies, the Soulmates dating website has access to a vast readership base and online infrastructure that the mother company provides. That fact also somewhat determines the kind of membership quality available to the - dating site.
  • The soulmates dating site has a straightforward registration that will not waste any prospective joiner’s time.
  • Membership in the Soulmates provides you with the option to advertise your profile in all Guardian publications and websites.
  • Members are mostly intelligent, credible, trustworthy, creative individuals who will not waste time or fake their profiles.
  • As part of the bigger newspaper group, the dating site is serious regarding information security and membership protection. It has set up elaborate safety measures to ensure those goals, such as manual verification of personal data during registration. The dating site maintains teams of administrators that ensure all members adhere to the site’s policies and rules.
  • Guardian Soulmates dating site members are not allowed to send messages in bulk or batches. That prevents scammers.
  • Members can upload proper images only, as the system immediately blocks images or content that is unsavory or offensive.
  • The site has a dedicated reporting contact email that members can use to report unusual behavior.
  • Do not expect overnight success, as the members are also cautious, patient individuals who will not jump at the next opportunity just to get a date.
  • The site is rather conservative, which again caters to the background of its members. As such, that could limit the members to mostly mature or older people.
  • Millennials and the younger generation will find Soulmates to be slow, mundane, and too severe for their lifestyle. It would also be a bit too pricey for these individuals.
  • The basic membership offers limited access to Soulmates’ features, and a member has to upgrade or subscribe for a “minimal” fee. Although this characteristic is typical of most online dating sites, some people consider this as plain dishonest.
  • Subscription to the Soulmates dating site is a bit expensive. More affordable and fast-paced dating services in the market are known to provide better matching results due to a more diverse membership base.
  • The Soulmates dating site has a perceived reputation of being exclusive to Guardian readers. That notion could be alienating potential members or users who are not particularly fans of the Guardian newspapers or don’t have the same temperaments.
  • When you browse through profiles, there are no indications which member has a basic membership or paid subscription, so you wouldn’t know who can communicate with you.
  • Guardian Soulmates dating service is currently available as a mobile app only for iOS devices. There are no indications of an Android version under development in the foreseeable future. However, Android users can still access the Soulmates website via their device’s browser and still enjoy all the features the dating website has to offer for free or to a paid membership.

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Guardian Soulmates is a traditional online dating site owned and operated by the Guardian newspaper based in the United Kingdom. The mother company provides the dating site an online potential of 150 million visits per month and an offline prospect of about 160,000 readers per day. Since Guardian Soulmates’ inception in 2004, it currently has 500,000 members in the UK, and about 15,000 new ones sign up every month. People nowadays, with the advent of numerous online dating sites and mobile apps, might wonder why such a large newspaper company would venture into a dating site.

If you dig deeper, you’d be surprised that it does make sense. Twenty or so years ago, personal newspaper ads were the forerunners of today’s online dating sites! In this sense, when you sign up with Soulmates, you have the option to let the company publish your profile in the Guardian newspapers and websites. Strictly upon your consent, the company can display your profile info and pic in the ”Observer” and ”Guardian” newspapers. Moreover, you get to be featured in the Guardian Hope website page (along with Soulmates, of course) and in spreadsheets of marketing campaigns in various media.

Since the majority of Soulmates’ members are Guardian newspaper readers or subscribers, you already have common ground, to begin with, and establish a link with other members or potential matches. However, do not expect a quick pairing up that is quite typical of different online dating platforms. With Soulmates, you would need a bit of patience and some tactics to land a decent match. Users advise giving the dating site about three months to try, although some members get reasonably quick results.

The quality of Soulmate’s membership base is higher than usual dating sites, again given its background and literacy level. That means most of the time, and the members are of the mature, patient type, not likely to jump into relationships quickly. We suggest giving it a try, and if you don’t get results sooner than you expect, trying a different approach will surely not hurt your chances of success.

How does Guardian Soulmates work?

Guardian Soulmates utilizes member profiles and cross-reference these with one another to come up with match recommendations. All you need to do to join is to create a profile, and you can then do searches using various modes and filters. You can also use Soulmates’ recommendations to find something that interests you.

How does Guardian Soulmates work?

Registration – is it really easy?

Signing up with Soulmates is simple and straightforward. You just fill up the necessary information on your profile, upload a photo, agree to the Terms of Use, and set it. You now have a free basic membership account. With your registration, you get the following features: profile creation, browsing other profiles, use of search functions, and ability to add members to your ”favorites” list. Of course, the free account does not allow you to contact any of the other members, so you need to upgrade or subscribe to a paid account. We will discuss this in detail in the Prices and Benefits section, so we encourage you to please continue reading.

Guardian Soulmates Registration - is it really easy?

What about design and usability?

The Guardian Soulmates’ interface is user-friendly. It features a well-thought-of layout; it has a clean, uncluttered appearance, and is simple yet has pleasing aesthetics. All that makes for a website that is easy to navigate and has intuitive functions.

One great feature is being able to access Soulmates Blog. This section is a compendium of articles on creating the optimum dating profile to boost your landing of the best and most compatible matches.

Let’s talk about profile quality

Easily, one of the Soulmates’ best features is the thoroughness of its member’s profile. It includes all the necessary information (username, date of birth, height, eye color, hair color, and body type) of each member and has a profile photo. You can also see a summary of a member’s interests and likes for easy comparison with yours.

Guardian Soulmates What about design and usability?

The mobile application

Guardian Soulmates is currently available as an iOS mobile app only. We have no information if the creators will release an Android version in the foreseeable future. With that said, Android users can still access Soulmates via their mobile device’s browser, and they can enjoy all the benefits provided by the website version.

The mobile app has its pricing (see Pricing and Benefits section) separate from the website’s schedule of prices and has a one-week free trial period.

The interface is instinctive and uncomplicated. It has all the website version functionalities, and the pages are clean, uncluttered, and aesthetically pleasing. The app shows you clear images and fonts of member profiles, features, and functions, simplifying navigation.

Guardian Soulmates The mobile application

Safety & security

Guardian Soulmates provides safe and worry-free browsing, backed by stringent membership rules, and supports a large corporation that takes information security very seriously. During registration alone, all personal information undergoes manual screening before an applicant gets the approval to join the dating site.  Furthermore, all members cannot send messages in batches or in bulk to potential dates, which prevents scammers. Members must follow the site’s strict guidelines in uploading only decent pictures, no lewd or indecent images allowed.

All that mitigates phishing and ensures all members that they are interacting with real people. In rare cases that untoward events occur, or a member encounters a rude, offensive user, the member can block the offending party and report the incident to the site’s support team. You can send a report email to support@guardiansoulmates.co.uk.

Guardian Soulmates Safety & security

Pricing and benefits

Soulmates’ basic membership offers limited access to the site’s features, like the inability to communicate with other members. You have to upgrade your status or subscribe with a ”minimal” recurring fee to gain full access.

A paid subscription allows you to connect and communicate with your matches or any member of your choosing. You can send messages and view the other members’ full galleries of photos and images.

Here is a schedule of Soulmates’ rates:

Soulmate Mobile App (iOS)

  • UKP 9.99 or $12.20 per week
  • UKP 32.99 or $40.25 per month
  • UKP 64.99 or $79.30 per quarter
  • UKP 64.99 or $115.90 per half-year

Soulmates website

  • UKP 9.99 or $12.20 per week
  • UKP 32.00 or 39.00 per month
  • UKP 64.00 or $78.10 per quarter
  • UKP 96.00 or $117.10 per half-year

Please note that the Soulmate mobile app has a 7-day trial period, while the website version has a 14-day refundable trial period. Both are prorated and based on the number of days you have been online.

In case you want to cancel your website subscription, you can do so by sending an email immediately to cancelsubscriptions@guardiansoulmates.co.uk.  Remember, you have 14 days to cancel your subscription.

To cancel the mobile app subscription, you need to do this via the app store and contact Apple. Since this is a bit cumbersome, we advise joining or subscribing through the website and making your payments through it.

As additional information, Guardian Soulmates recently launched a series of marketing campaigns to make its dating services more affordable to the public. They now offer discounts, vouchers, coupons, and other promos to sweeten their offers.

Guardian Soulmates Pricing and benefits

Help & support

Guardian Soulmates dating site has a dedicated Help and Support team ready to help the members with any query, complaint, or report they should have. The team is also responsible for ensuring all the members adhere to the dating site’s policies and rules. They also help in the effort of making sure all applications are manually scrutinized for authenticity.


In case some of your questions were left answered, here are answers to the most popular ones.

Is Soulmates safe?

Yes, it is. The dating site is serious about privacy and information security. Soulmates have teams of moderators monitoring all activities to ensure members adhere to set rules. All registrations are manually verified before granting membership. Members cannot send messages in batches or bulk. Furthermore, only decent photos or pictures can be uploaded, as the system automatically blocks all inappropriate images.

The type of membership that Soulmates has minimizes the occurrence of fake accounts. In the case of offensive users, members can report these to the website’s support team.

Guardian Soulmates Help & support

Is Soulmates a real dating site?

Yes, it is. First of all, the Guardian media giant will not tarnish their stellar reputation by owning, let alone associating with an establishment with dubious character and authenticity. Journalism is always at the forefront of discovering the truth, and surely a fraudulent subsidiary will not be welcome in such a group.

Second, the Guardian newspaper has been a leading venue for personal ads in the past 20 or so years and would naturally have historical precedence in that arena. Third, of course, the current membership, although not as spectacular as that of other dating sites, can still attest to Soulmates’ authenticity.

How to use Soulmates?

Guardian Soulmates has both a website and a mobile app version. Although the mobile app is only available in the iOS version, the Android users can still access Soulmates through their mobile device’s browser. They can enjoy all the benefits provided by the website version.

Soulmates dating site uses members’ profiles to match users by cross-referencing their individual information. Users can browse through profiles immediately after registration but would need a subscription (at a minimal fee) to be able to make contact and communicate with the others.

Is Soulmates a real dating site?

Is Soulmates free?

Guardian Soulmates offers free registration and basic membership with limited access to features. A member needs to upgrade or pay a minimal monthly subscription fee to contact or communicate with other members.

The dating site also offers a refundable trial period for both the website (14 days) and mobile app (7 days) wherein an unconvinced member can cancel his or her subscription. Cancellations should be immediately effected within the respective periods and are prorated.

Does Soulmates work?

Yes, it does. The half-million membership base can’t be wrong. Although the Soulmates dating site is not known for quick on-the-fly hookups, it has proven its methods for acquiring hard-earned long-lasting relationships built with traditional character.

Is Soulmates free?


Readers of the Guardian newspapers are known for being smart, creative, witty, trustworthy, and naturally intelligent. By extension, and the fact that it is one of that media giant’s subsidiaries, Guardian Soulmates has a membership base with the same attributes. A whopping 80% of the dating site’s members are readers of the Guardian newspapers, and there are half a million in the UK! That alone gives you an idea of the character and mindset of the Soulmates’ members. It also tells you that Soulmates is not a wishy-washy dating site that hooks people up within a few hours or days for a relationship that lasts just as long. Soulmates is a dating site for the sincere individual looking to have a hard-earned, lasting relationship built on patience, determination, and time-tested efforts.

The Guardian Soulmates dating website has a prominent advantage: its obsessiveness against phishing. The creators, being part of a reputable establishment that prides itself on reporting the truth, set up several measures to ensure honesty, authenticity, and credibility among the site’s members. From registration, all information is manually scrutinized by moderators before granting membership. A similar team of administrators makes sure that members do not send messages in batches or bulk to avoid scammers. All photos for uploading must not be obscene and improper; the system automatically blocks any attempt to do so. The site encourages its members to report any offensive behavior or suspicious characters to the support team.

The owners and creators of the website are looking to expand their membership base or attract a more diverse group of individuals. In line with this objective, Guardian Soulmates has launched various marketing campaigns and offered discounts, vouchers, coupons, and other promos to sweeten its offers. The website’s developers also hope to dispel the notion that Soulmates is an “exclusive dating club” for Guardian readers.

As a recap, the Guardian Soulmates is a viable dating service for intelligent, exciting, and emotional individuals. These are seekers who are looking for people similar to them in the fervent hope of creating and developing lasting relationships.

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