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Chatib Review – What do We Know About It?

Chatib Review – What do We Know About It?
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Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 2.350.000
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Pros and Cons

  • Chatib has a brilliant and straightforward chat interface
  • There are several chat rooms
  • A user can join all the chat-rooms
  • A user can create his chat room and can call users to join here
  • It is an entirely free site; you do not have to pay for its services
  • Registration is free, and there is no hassle of email verification
  • Chatib is open for all: straight, gay, and lesbian people can find friends from their LGBT community if they want
  • Very few information from the users is needed for the website. It is a sheer advantage
  • The Chatib app is handy and free
  • The website is an absolute mobile responsive
  • As it is a completely free website, many fake profiles users use Chatib
  • Many profiles do not contain minute details for the user there
  • You cannot save chat history
  • Easy registration is a threat to serious users
  • Only an android app is available
  • Your profile will get auto deactivated if you are not active here consecutively for a few days
  • CAPTCHA verification often gets repetitive and makes the process irregular
  • Chatib does not offer many features in comparison to other real-time dating sites like matchmaking, personal details, etc
  • Anonymous chatting may come as dangerous. There is the risk of encountering a fake profile

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Chatib is a popular dating site, but it is not meant for only dating. The site offers a considerable chat interface, which is divided into several small chat rooms. You can join to chat with other online Chatib’ users according to your preference, for example if you are looking for gamer dating site. It’s all free, and the best part of this website is you can make your chat room here to attract more contacts in your user profile. The site was launched in the year 2009. Per month the site enjoys the activities of approximately 1.95 million. The company Landocs Capital is the owner of Chatib at present.

If you love to chat with new people and are passionate about making friends worldwide, Chatib will keep you enticed. Here, you don’t have any obligation to create an account. You can log in and start chatting instantly. There are two starting processes: you can sign up, or you may log in without registration. According to the users, it takes hardly 5 minutes to start chatting on Chatib, and that is invariably a boon for enjoying some happy moments online.

Want to meet singles face to face? Gone are those days when two unknown people use to fix a blind date. It is the age of communication, where you can check the mental wavelength before you meet a dating partner in reality. Chatib will help you in setting a fruitful dating for you. Otherwise, you can make friends and enjoy fun conversations whenever you are free amidst your hectic schedule. It’s all virtual till you want to bring it in real life.

How does Chatib Work

How does Chatib Work?

Chatib offers a chat interface for its users. The site admin expects that the users of at least 18 years of age will take membership here. The beauty of Chatib chat is that there are multiple chat rooms, and a user can join as many chat rooms he/she wants to join.

Signing up is mostly formality free. You have to select your username. Besides creating a username, you have to state your gender, age, country, and respective home-city. There is no provision of email verification, but you have to complete a CAPTCHA validation. However, once this starting process gets completed, and you can get to access the home page, you will earn the power to select the chat room to join.

Only adult and mature persons are eligible to join this site; however, there is no protocol for the verification of age. According to statistics, most of the users are here single men and women. Because of worldwide exposure, it is easier to find an eligible single on this site. Making a relationship with the help of socializing is the objective of this site. If you are interested in exploring fraternity and friendship worldwide, the site Chatib will work perfectly for you.

There are different chat rooms based on a specific topic, but you can message another Chatib user privately.

Registration - Is It Really Easy

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Yes, you will find the registration process is straightforward here. It will take hardly 3-5 minutes, as you have to input a few basic information like your username, age, country, gender, and home city. You can try to log in without spending time on registration, which is called anonymous login. If you want to taste the hang of this site, anonymous login is a better option for first-time users.

Registration is a 2-step process. One of stating information and next is CAPTCHA verification. The small and instant formality of CAPTCHA authentication ensures that you are a human being and not a machine, and it safeguards data on the site. Once these starting formalities are done, you are ready to join the chat-rooms of your choice on Chatib. It’s all fun and exciting within the limits of a few clicks!

What About Design and Usability

What About Design and Usability?

If simplicity is attractive and related to a happy user experience, Chatib will score 9 out of 10. It is minimalistic and, therefore, easy to use, navigate, and enjoy. The fonts are neither big nor small; it is just perfect for easy reading. There are no striking images; no doubt and colors used on the website are of the pure natural hue (light pink, green, and blue), but this ordinary get up keeps the mind relaxed and balanced. You will love it for sure!

There is a button so you can add profiles of your choice so that you can access the favorite at one go.

Besides look and feel, usability is one of the features users always appreciate if found on a website, Chatib is not an exception! The website runs on a secure algorithm; however, the site may function sometimes irregular like it takes time to load the pages, messages may not be seen, and sometimes they get lost on the interface. Other than the age-old techy glitch, the site is stable and entertaining for its users. Time-pass is not at all a factor if you have tried the Chatib dating site.

Let's Talk About Profile Quality

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

Two ways are there for creating the Chatib profile. One is an anonymous login, and the second option is signing in with an account. Here your email is required, and you can set a password for your account. In anonymous login, you can start chatting without any registration.

A profile is a way to assert the online presence for you. Therefore, it is of utmost importance on Chatib. Luckily, creating a profile on this site is simple. You cannot load a profile photo instantly unless moderators approve it, and it may take up to 72 hours. But you can send pictures in private messages. The site does not ask for detailed profile information from the user; hence you cannot get to know much about the users before you start chatting with them.

You can sign-in and create an account. You can log in to enjoy the privilege of anonymous chatting. The site allows excellent profile management facilities like changing photo (adding or removing), and changing passwords. However, you can add more personal details in your sign-in account.

If you are looking for a match, you can set your search filter based on gender. If you want to meet your chatting partner face to face, you should select a person from your nearby location, etc. It is an essential requirement that users have to be adult in age, and the use of abusive words on the site during chatting is strictly prohibited. If the site admin can prove any complaint of disrespectful behavior against you, there is a high chance of getting your profile banned. The site allows users to block a person: if you find any person annoying and disturbing you, you can block him for your profile.

If your profile remains inactive (both anonymous and registered) for a long time, it gets automatically disconnected from the site. You don’t have to deactivate it if ever needed. Your absence will serve the purpose of deactivation, and the website does not keep chat history.

The Mobile Application

The Mobile Application

Chatib had an android app for its users since 2015, and it’s the mirror of the website at your fingertips look wise. It is a free app and runs on the same functionality and easy user experience of the website, which is a desktop version. However, for IOS users, although the site had launched an app, it is presently not available in the App store. However, iOS users can open the website on their phone’s browser. The website is mobile responsive and will offer you almost the same experience as the app. You can browse the site on your iPad also.

The Chatib app needs at least an android 2.2+ version to run with all its features and functionalities. The app is active all over the world, precisely like its websites. Users who have a special knack for texting have found the app, especially handy. The app has a simple and user-friendly interface, which is easy to navigate even on the go.

Safety & Security

Safety & Security

Chatib is an online social community and hence runs a vast network for the facilitation of chatting and making friendships worldwide for its users. The site expects some respectful reservations from all its users. It shows respect and fraternity to all the users of the site. The use of abusive, unkind, and adult words are strictly prohibited on the website.

If any such disrespectful behavior is observed from a user, the site admin immediately bans the user profile. The site claims its safety in well-maintained. However, the site admin cannot take responsibility for the external links provided by the users during the chat. Users should not provide his/her personal information while talking to a stranger. Users should not click on any unknown link, and they should not share any critical information with a stranger to stay online safe.

Pricing and Benefits

Chatib is a free site. You can register here free of cost. The site will allow you to open a new chat room, or you can join many chat-rooms.

The site does not have any subscription system. If you are on a tight budget, but you are willing to enjoy online chatting and dating, Chatib is the ideal interactive interface for you.

Help & Support

Help & Support

There is a dedicated email, which you can use as a complaint ledger from the Chatib users. If you feel any breach of contract, you can use the mail ID to inform the site admin.

Chatib site admin always recommends changing the profile password of the users frequently. Private messaging is a safer way to enjoy online chatting. Many users have expressed their satisfaction with the prompt support of the Chatib technical team.

However, the site often suffers from tech glitch like error 502, unresponsive page, etc. There is no dedicated support system to solve these problems, and in many situations, users have to wait for the self-restoration.

But as simplicity is one of the features of this site, stubborn technical issues are seldom found here.



Is Chatib Safe?

Online safety is a personal practice. On Chatib, you will get to meet millions of strangers for chatting on an open platform; hence you have to stay alert. No matter if you are using anonymous login or registered sign in, you should not divulge your personal information. Also, you should not click any external link or download any unknown application on the request of any other users. If you maintain these basic protocols, Chatib is safe for you.

Is Chatib a Real Dating Site?

Yes, it is a dating site with immense popularity. The interface allows you to chat with people from different communities on different topics.

According to statistics, the site enjoys 40k daily visitors, and all are single adults, which makes it a potential place to find out the soul mate you are looking for. If you filter your contacts by region and same interest (you can find it from topic-specific chat rooms), you can find it a potential dating site for you where you can get to search many options before settling for one special.

How to Use Chatib?

It is a free site. You can use it free of cost. You can use Chatib from a desktop. You can download the android app for using it from mobile. You can browse the site from a mobile browser too.

You can chat here simply by login and CAPTCHA verification. Or you can register free and create an account for chatting here. You can join all chat rooms, you can join only a specific chat room, or you can create a new chat room here to enjoy chatting.

Is Chatib Free?

Yes, it is a free site. You can use all the features of Chatib free of cost.

Does Chatib Really Work?

Of course, Chatib works. You have to use the algorithm of the site in your favor only. If your objective is to enjoy online chatting and making friends, you can simply join different chat rooms and start chatting. But if matchmaking is your sole aim, you have to be choosy in finding your chatting partners age-wise, gender-wise, and location-wise, whom you can meet physically after a certain level of online communication. In this way, the site can work for you perfectly.



Meeting new people and expanding your friend circle worldwide gets more comfortable with Chatib. If you are trying to find your life partner, the site can probably help you. It is the beauty and usability of this social networking site.

Although a chunk of its users is located in the USA, there are users from all other countries. User experience has been rated 8 out of 10. The site takes care of community respect and mutual feelings of the users and maintains a stringent policy of good behavior on the site.

You can use Chatib completely free of cost, and that is an excellent advantage for you indeed. The site may not look very gorgeous because of its simple design, but it works perfectly for you if you know your goal of making friends and chatting on your favorite topic, endlessly. Finding a partner, is also possible here, if you have the tenacity to find the right person out of many and if Lady Luck smiles on you!

Join today the site Chatib, and enjoy socializing online, across the world free of cost!

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