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BLK Review – What Do We Know About It?

BLK Review – What Do We Know About It?
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BLK users sign up here as well:

With only a year of experience, BLK is the new kid on the block. But make no mistakes; this newcomer has already made quite a splash on the dating scene. BLK was started with the premise that there is a significant lacuna for an online platform exclusively for black males and females to meet.

The application is promising and is well worth a big try. Members who have tried it and explored it find it as one of the most efficient ones. It has the best features of most dating applications, and the fact that it caters to a niche segment that is black men and women is going to give it an edge.

Reviewers of dating applications have rated it very high on almost all counts. People who have been brave to get in it when it was only kick-starting say that they have never come across a niche dating application that is so well designed and efficient as BLK.

BLK is available only for the US and Canada at present. However, sources in the company clarified that it is expanding the wings. They are themselves looking forward to a full-fledged version of their application that will benefit black singles in every corner of the world.

How Does BLK Work?

There are many dating applications when it comes to dating amongst the black people, but BLK will indeed exceed all your expectations. The number of members on BLK is swelling by the day. The application is becoming more and more popular each passing quarter.

  • The location of the members plays an essential part:

Starting, BLK works only in the US and Canada; therefore, its member base is strictly curtailed within one geographical area. Whenever the application makes a match, there is this biggest guarantee that the match is close by.

  • Niche dating site at its best:

For a niche dating site and that also for black singles is enough to get attention from a vast majority of the population that is in the US and Canada. The application advertises itself well as a dating site for people looking for mates of the same race, and it does strike a chord wonderfully.

  • Matchmaking has never been so easy:

The matchmaking application features the celebrated roulette kind of matchmaking. With this striking, a connection is quicker than most others. One swipe is all it takes to either like or reject a profile.

This is how simple the application is:

With a single swipe, a profile can be liked or skipped.

When a profile that you like likes you back, there is a pop-up folder that will tell both of you that you are a match.

It is your decision whether you want to begin a conversation with your match or not.

The roulette matchmaking is not just quick and easy; it relies a lot on how the person looks in the profile picture. That’s an excellent way for singles to check out the eligible people in their location to have a quick connection, a friendly chat, or to take their relationship to the next serious level.

The dating application has a roulette type of matchmaking. Sending messages to anyone that the member fancies are entirely free. However, the catch is that messages can be sent only to those profiles that have matched.

Every user is entitled to one ‘Really Like’ every day for free. This is an excellent feature because it gives a considerable amount of exposure to people who have not yet become paid members on the application. A feature called ‘boost’ can take the user’s profile to the top of most customized matches in flat 30 minutes!

Modifying of setting to enhance or filter down matchmaking decisions is going to improve your chances of being on the top of most custom matches. Users can also tweak and trim their profiles so that they continuously get newer profiles as match suggestions.

What is the ‘Really Like’ feature?

This is a notification message that users can send one another. If the member likes another member notification, the application will notify the user’s interest to the person that received it. He can choose to brush it aside or take this as an opportunity to chat up and take the thing in the right direction.

In all, there are three wonderful features for searching profiles on BLK.

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Location of the members

Editing of the profile is allowed and recommended:

On the taskbar, users will see an Account Settings button with a gear icon on it. This is where the entire profile edition is to be done. When users edit their profile, the matchmaking algorithm can throw in more suggestions. It is only because the algorithm takes all the words in the user’s profile and begins to search its database to check who the perfect match is.

How Does BLK Work?

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

Everything on BLK is quick! The roulette matchmaking may steal the cake for being quick, but the registration process will not disappoint.

Reviewers of dating sites will often tell you that a lengthy registration process tends to put the prospective members to the site. These people never return because they dread the time that the process will take.

On BLK, it will not take you more than 3 minutes. Even less!

If you have a Facebook account and wish to register via that app, you are welcome because all your information is already there. Once the website verifies that you are a real person from your Facebook profile, you will be registered immediately.

Alternatively, using a mobile phone number for verification is also a great option.

In case you choose to sign up using your mobile phone, then registration on BLK will require that you update at least one picture of yours for signing up. However, if you have signed in using your Facebook account, the website will sync all the data and personal information, including your photograph from Facebook itself.

Signing up via Facebook:

  • Give access to BLK to provide all basic personal information from the Facebook page, including a profile photo. The application will pick up all necessary information such as name, birthday, and picture. The application will come back to ask and ascertain two more things; first, your gender, and then the gender that you are looking up for.

Signing up via a valid mobile number:

  • BLK sent validation code to be entered on the verification page. The mobile phone registration requires that you upload a picture of yours as a precursor to registering on the site. Again, the application will want to know your gender and the gender that you are looking up on BLK.

That’s an easy process that requires only a few minutes.

Registration – Is It Really Easy?

What About Design And Usability?

The application design is cool, easy for the eyes, and very pleasant. The layout is simple, and it is not difficult to find something that you are looking for. Members often say that they do not have any issues with the application. The design is optimized for mobile phone usage. The reaction buttons and the emojis are nicely placed to enhance user experience.

Let’s Talk About Profile Quality

It is quite unfortunate that about 50% of profiles on BLK are either blank or left incomplete. Even though profiles on BLK per se are not bursting with lots of information, they all have to contain at least basic information without which it is difficult to ascertain the authenticity of the person. There is a tilt towards the opinion that it is perhaps a fake account or a bot.

The profile photos and the photo gallery of all the members are open for everyone. The rules are strict about them. Every profile that gets registered on the website has to have a real photo to identify the person compulsorily. Another useful feature is that the profile will display the user’s birthday also.

There is a limit to the number of photos that can be uploaded to the profile. Not more than six pictures can be uploaded.

Of information on the profile

Here is a quick list

  • About Me section that asks about occupation, education, and the difference in miles from where the person is stationed.
  • A vast majority of members have a minimum of three photos that are attached to the profile. Back to the table of contents.

BLK Let's Talk About Profile Quality

The Mobile Application

BLK is only available as a mobile app. You can find the it on the play store and download it.

The app page has three icons

  • User button which has access to the user’s profile
  • Account Settings
  • Edit Profile

There is an icon in the middle, which is the application’s logo that can transport the user to the matchmaking feature without a minute delay.

There is an X icon that the user will need to press in case they want to reject the match suggestion.

A crown icon is used for notifying to the profile that you “Really Like” them.

A “heart” could also be sent like that.

There is an icon of the chat bubble that is also found on the screen is where all the conversation stays unless and until the member deletes it like all others.

BLK The Mobile Application

Safety & Security

Safety and security issues are the questions that worry every person who is planning to create a profile on a dating application. When the application is brand new, the fear is even more palpable. Gratefully, BLK is completely safe.

  • It has an astringent registration process that makes sure that fake profiles cannot jump the firewall
  • Profiles on BLK are created by people who are genuinely looking to connect with someone that mutually shares their likes and interests.
  • The application strictly relies on connections that are mutual, and what this means that only if the person you like likes you back, the application helps you to make a connection.
  • BLK is proactive when it comes to taking action against erring members and is ruthless when something adverse is proved about the member. Lifelong ban is commonly awarded once the matter is through.
  • The payment gate is entirely secure, and the website makes sure that the user’s personal information is deleted from its main servers as soon as the account is permanently deleted.
  • No personal information is shared with third parties without the expressed consent of the users.

BLK Safety & Security

Pricing And Benefits

BLK is completely free for use for every member that logs in and signs up with it. However, it has come out with two premium add-ons that promise to increase matchmaking chances.

  • The Boost feature

By purchasing boost points, the application moves the paying member’s profile to the top of all the customized profile lists. That means that all the users in the same location as you will see your profile at the top but for a maximum time of half-hour.

  • Really Like feature

This is a kind of notification that can be sent to a profile so that you exponentially increase the chance of a sure shot match.

The payment can be made through mobile payment applications or banking cards.

For every Boost, users are required to pay 1.99 USD. A set of 5 boosts will cost $7.45 only, and 10 will be only for $11.90.

For Really Like, 5 credits at $2.45, 25 at $9.75, and 60 at $17.40.

The more add-ons you purchase, the cheaper they become. That’s why if you go for the biggest package to spend the least amount of money on them.

Help & Support

The application is absolutely proactive and very receptive to all the grievances that members have on their website. They have a multilingual 24/7 customer support and a dedicated email that lends an ear to everyone that has an issue on the application to set it right.

BLK Pricing And Benefits


Is BLK Safe?

BLK is safer than most dating sites today. There are so many safety features embedded in the app itself that once you know it, you will never have security worries again.

Is BLK A Real Dating Site?

Yes, BLK is marketed as a real dating site that is instrumental in helping black male and female singles find themselves a friend, a lover, or even a lifetime partner.

Is BLK A Real Dating Site?

How To Use BLK?

A dating application is fun to use only when it is easy and does not overwhelm the users with a lot of technicalities. BLK cuts with its easy-to-use format that even a child could use (only that it is not for children!); all one needs to do to use this awesome dating application is to scroll up and down a list of profiles personalized for every user. If a particular profile interests you, slide the profile to the right to give it a ‘yeah,’ or you could alternatively click the heart icon on the account.

If the person that is ‘yeah-ed’ or hearted right swipes the person who sent it initially, a mutual contact is made. That is a match, ladies and gentlemen, and the couple can begin to chat and interact through the app or move offline. Easy!

Is BLK Free?

The mobile dating application is completely free. There is no need to pay a dollar for sending or receiving messages. That means you can stay on BLK and enjoy all the benefits absolutely without paying a penny.

Does BLK Work?

It would be a lie to say that BLK does not work when it does and does it properly! There are thousands of success stories of the couples who met there, and they prove the statement.

Is BLK Free?


BLK is a good place to go to if you prefer dating men and women who belong to the same race. It is an exclusive black dating black mobile application that is completely free. There is little doubt that you will flit to anything else once you begin seeing its results.

Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
Amie Katelyn
MS, RD & Writer
Amie is our dating hero, and she knows everything about how to make relationship between people better! She has excellent skills that she uses to make people’s life better!
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Customer reviews
Anna Johnson
by Anna Johnson Jan 14, 2022
This service trapped my personal consideration. We loved the design and style and layout. We checked the way it works back at my Android-powered mobile device, and everything is fine. Personally I think like a duck to liquids on this web site. Mostly, i've the best time using the internet, thanks to a huge target audience with a good frame of mind towards enjoy and associations. Do you want only gender? Welcome. Are you in need of laid-back matchmaking? You'll locate numerous solutions. Are you going to begin affairs? Test the chance. I guess all things are conceivable about this system.
Bobby Perkins
by Bobby Perkins Jan 05, 2022
Owing to this excellent website for appointment several incredible someone. Currently, any time men and women are incredibly active and possess almost no time to get noticable romantics growing freely around them, it's challenging to encounter you to definitely have actually high quality hours jointly. However, with this internet site, it comes down real. It's a time-saving and simple way of getting times take pleasure in daily life.
Lucille Flores
by Lucille Flores Jan 02, 2022
I favor this application. I'm relaxed and harmonized whenever using its instruments and generating contacts along with other society people. I have a great deal exciting and recreation, remain secure and safe and secure, and don't believe too bluish easily cannot making another customer to enjoy me personally instantly. That's all we're able to have ever wish for, isn't really it?
by Guldbrandsen Dec 29, 2021
Simply speaking, your knowledge about this application has-been exemplary, which also suggests their own customer service. We enjoyed top-notch suits as many of them are invariably more or less designed for me. Thus, I don't have got to spend your time and check out a needle in a haystack while exploring the unlimited kinds.
Helen Johnston
by Helen Johnston Dec 23, 2021
I joined up with the application just the past year and now have already came across my personal special someone within a month. Some people complain about a lot of some time they want to see a date. Hence, I think I found myself most fortunate. You will find a paid subscription to view all solutions on the webpage rather than to restrict me personally to any model of interacting with each other. Besides, I was extremely effective, wanting get hold of as many individuals that you can. Definitely, after all only those that could possibly be pretty much works with me. Your member profile have several cool picture, and I ended up being 100per cent truthful about our expectations. I had been definitely not looking for commitment, but I happened to be prepared to unique activities and feelings. We never ever gloss over my own appeal, lives, and identity. Simple member profile ended up being finished and, when I launched chatting, I didn't claim any alternative customers desire to listen to. I don't see indeed whether or not it ended up being my own personality towards dating online or perhaps the opportunity that served me to succeed on this internet site. Anyhow, many thanks for these types of a successful system.
Barbara McCoy
by Barbara McCoy Dec 18, 2021
I had been through incredibly disorganized split up after three-years of severe relationship. I've merely unearthed that your lover became cheating on myself frequently. After three months of depression, my friends recommended us to join website. These people told me so it would assist to release me personally and forget regarding most harmful. So, I've registered on the webpage and develop a member profile. I will declare that We grabbed a rather mindful and liable method of our character explanation and hasn't forget about a tab. I also linked several of my ideal photo. At first, it wasn't moving very well to me since I have couldn't start messaging anyone consistently. Spotty and clichéd e-mails you should not consider. Next, we render numerous buddies to chat and talk about a variety of material. I'd having a positive encounter for our attitude and ego. Of course, it was best that you hear from people that i'm naughty, beautiful, wise, etc. Soon, the rubbing was much direct, but thought that i'm previously prepared for day once again. Hence, I managed to get a romantic date with considered one of the most popular I've cushion on this site. All go smoothly, therefore received a great time. In doing this, I launched meeting other people both online and offline and gradually adding separate simple previous unpleasant connections. Online dating sites switched my life for any best, this web site had a significant part within change.
Joseph Hill
by Joseph Hill Dec 17, 2021
I take advantage of this app regularly as I need talk or fulfill people to devote a decent time period with each other. Not too long ago, I've received your first big date, and it also is amazing. Before witnessing friends actually, you spoke and found numerous usual situations, indicating out flavors, private qualities, even some interests. Maybe, all of our online relationship has become important in regards to our successful realtime go out. You consistently communicate online and may go forth on the weekend. I don't carry out any plans and strive to be at liberty at the moment. This incredible website helped to lots.
Ann Cannon
by Ann Cannon Dec 06, 2021
Becoming a member of this dating site would be the best thing that ever happened to me inside romantic life. Without a doubt, I'm small and perhaps not very experienced numerous different some older daters. Anyway, my perceptions become favorable. There are various beautiful customers on this web site! In some cases, I even don't submit emails but simply savor picture. I have several no-strings-attached dates, and all of them were cool and diverse. I'm into everyday dating for the moment. I believe it's slightly early on I think to agree to someone. I adore studies and always keep my attention open. I'm constantly equipped to is new stuff in matchmaking, so this web site enable a ton in seeing your targets and dreams.
by FordJanet Dec 03, 2021
This software is real, and I'm lifestyle proof of the effectiveness. I can not grumble with this application because gave me the greatest goes throughout my life. Hence, I've very happy to take part in they and then have a lot fun. Naturally, it provides not just been recently without not successful fits, but I think this really is very a natural process. You cannot understand all-in a second, and some weeks of texting is normally essential determine a meetup.
Joann Anderson
by Joann Anderson Nov 24, 2021
Love this specific service. I made arrangements in order to reach visitors for a coffee or even a celebration. In my opinion it went instead better. I've not determined so far concerning the following that times, but I'm over at my option to presents one that will be actually unique. Okay, desire me luck, everybody else.
by Christine Nov 20, 2021
I love this software since it don't take the time myself with challenging exams. In all honesty, we don't have faith in being compatible determined a variety of studies since individuals familiar with sit rather often. For me personally, It's far better to talk and enquire query, generating dialogs natural. This site contains the efficiency I want to understand your on-line business partners greater before heading down.
by Isaias Nov 17, 2021
I found myself truly surprised decide such a functional matchmaking software. I've become subscribed to one year previously. After numerous ordinary dates, i came across simple excellent accommodate. It happened two months in the past, and we're however feel good together. I am not searching beyond that today. Nevertheless, I will be happy if our personal relationships produce. So before this, I'm happy and would like to give you thanks towards the present application for taking people collectively.
by Peyton Nov 09, 2021
I became grateful to consult with many different anyone on the website which have a ton in common using appeal and life. I tried various other software before, i should point out that the level of the complement is much better in this article. That's the reasons why I'm really surprised observe many unfavorable testimonies for this web site. Then I discovered that customers compose negative statements actually in the better applications. In performing this, they often reveal the company's frustration and feelings without specifying particular defects belonging to the application. Very, In my opinion which they simply cannot pick people who would match these people to get mad about their loneliness. Ergo, we must learn how to separate these evaluations. This page is effective, but, definitely, it's not magic substance. I'm thrilled to easily fit in the city and find cool dates. Perhaps, I'm only less picky as opposed to others, but normally, I reckon I'm fortunate. A number of other consumers might require a longer period locate like-minds. Nevertheless, I'd advise this website regarding forms of dating because the audience is actually different, and owners are extremely effective. Yourself, I can usually locate an individual on the web to talk and flirt. Besides, the app acts really, and course-plotting is fairly basic. The required options are in the eating plan right in entrance of your own eyes. I'm confident online dating hasn't ever been easier.
Samuel Ford
by Samuel Ford Nov 06, 2021
As a novice representative, I absolutely relish encounter. It's simple it's the perfect time, as long as you become productive and consider additional users. It's exciting and fun. Whether I'll line up my best match? I don't maintain right now. A few good times is enough I think thus far, and I'm searching and waiting around for much more activities before emphasizing a potential life partner. We notice that this page try perfectly suited to the desires. The city happens to be all right, and nobody tries to bring below your body. Therefore, I feel comfy getting using the internet fun in conjunction with my friends. We obtain several things to discuss, while the times I've received are really interesting. Extremely, I'm very happy with the registration, and an affordable price was a plus.
by Mckayla Nov 04, 2021
I didn`t line up someone to date as it is early on in my situation but . now I am a novice on the website. Nonetheless, I'm pleased with exactly how this application is straightforward to work with. Everything is easy-to-use, so I didn't need certainly to waste time and figure things out when I signed up for the web page. I also including exactly how personal pages are structured. It's very easy to read through photograph, send out communications, prefers, and read about users' shows and characters. We fix the situation because travel time is very important for me personally and had been glad to view many matches that supply someone close me.
Albert Williams
by Albert Williams Oct 25, 2021
Nice dating site! We enrolled with they just the previous year furthermore, as after that found multiple friends with many benefits. In addition, we talk to a number of users from my personal favorite list. Chatting is extremely good, as a chat gap is very convenient. Individuals become open-minded, helpful, and energetic. I've particular needs, no a person judges myself. So, I feel absolutely safe and comfy.
Joseph Thomas
by Joseph Thomas Oct 20, 2021
Your sex life was not very rich before I've joined up with this app. All those things changed right away anytime I signed up and going messaging those I've enjoyed on the site. Obviously, some consumers declined myself, but that's perhaps not an issue. Preference vary, which it is claimed. In general, I've acquired very precise games that let me to render many friends. One actually have under your facial skin. Within a couple of weeks of communicating, most of us got the first go out. As almost everything ended up being tip-top, we've booked the 2nd time shortly. This indicates I've gripped the great complement.
by Peacock Oct 20, 2021
The web based periods about websites have grown to be an excellent and attention-grabbing experiences for me personally. It does work properly for your self-respect and makes it possible for making brand-new connectivity. They're not relations yet but have a look promising. Also, actually delightful for me to stop the frost and talk to folks from any region i prefer. Browsing profiles is actually partaking, both. It's always interesting to check out just how anyone prove when looking for intimacy.
Stephanie Brown
by Stephanie Brown Oct 12, 2021
I'm widowed and extremely craved getting another chances at prefer. Give thanks to our site for facilitate since I grabbed your intend. We do not produce far too many long-lasting ideas and simply enjoy each other. We date, trips, and talk about a lot of actions. Essentially the most incredible thing in our affairs. I favor my own mate and expect our personal love will develop and navigate to the next stage. Many of us are searching for couples at wedding on the internet companies, and in most cases, that kind of things is actually awkward as you feel as if goods in look computers running windows. This application differs. Perhaps you may begin with talking and end up in the chapel. This service membership keeps a pretty good technical back ground. I personally use the web page largely on my notebook, but in some cases We speak with people and look my own actions from my own apple iphone. No problems after all. I've noted no pests . every little thing works, without errors. As soon as sign in, I use the internet site providing I want without distractions and irritating reloads. I hope it remains in that way, and so they maintain good quality. I wish everybody good-luck since your has recently receive myself.
by Milana Oct 06, 2021
We signed up with website this past year and got an outstanding feel. Today, i've a trusted and mind-blowing lover, and we're good collectively. I'd endorse the app because i've mastered from lead skills so it operates. We realize that some people commonly complain about no meets, believing that they just spend time and cash. Still, I should remember that when folks cannot select a partner, they often times boot their unique failures to outside facets. Career, loved ones, online dating sites, quite simply, almost always there is person at fault. Nevertheless, you should never give up hope, and every single thing can be okay. Like, it took me virtually 7 weeks to satisfy the companion.
by Alexa Oct 02, 2021
Really good thoughts. I've discovered an abundance of nice and interesting people and some freaks . that's the norm while online. Some matches weren't inside my area . that's the reason we kept good friends. I ought to declare that this specific service provides many tools which will make some other users notice you. 1st, it's enough room generate your account and provide sufficient information on your appearance and figure. Then, messaging is acceptable. Normally, you use complete online conversation and that can put a romantic date at any time if you find yourself willing to fulfill your chosen in the real world.

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