SwingTowns Review – what do we know about it?

SwingTowns Review – what do we know about it?
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Pros and Cons

  • The site, according to various reports, receives a lot of traffic. This connotes you can always find a match
  • It is right that the site has been operational for more than 19 years. So, join to leverage the vast community and endless pool of like-minded individuals
  • It is a certified site. Thus, you do not have to worry about its legitimacy
  • Any individual can leverage a free version if you are not prepared to take up a paid one
  • Most of the profiles may not be as detailed as you could wish
  • One must make an upgrade if you intend to leverage all the features

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With sites like SwingTowns, it is possible to join an extensive community of like-minded persons. It is a type of lifestyle that many people admire, though they are not so sure how to go about it. However, it is now simpler than ever. This platform began back in 1999. It has then developed to a more advanced site that adopts a social network’s feel. Many people give it thumbs up because of its massive user database with thousands of active members. Thus, anyone who intends to become a participant in an online community that feels like a single entity, the SwingTowns is the best site.

Thus, now that the internet has offered endless ways to achieve swinging lifestyles, no one passionate about it should be left out. The site promises to give you the top swooning experience that you may never receive from any other site. Therefore, if you want to enjoy swinging with very active and, most importantly, friendly members, it is time to join this amazing community.

How does SwingTowns work?

How does SwingTowns work?

It is right to point out that there are many sites out there that purport to offer the best dating services. Nonetheless, you should not be duped by their promised giveaways. You should consider becoming a member of sites that deliver what you need exactly. That said, you can leverage the many offers and advantages of this site.

You see, the ease of becoming a member of this site makes it simple and attractive to use even in relatively deep connections. Its approach is more of a laid-back one. There isn’t much struggle to join or perhaps create your online portfolio, commonly named a profile on swingtowns. For example, anyone new to the site can create an account with ease. Creating a functional and impressive profile makes it easy for you to be matched with any other partaker who shares particular sexual desires like yours. The satisfying part is that it is up to you to decide what to share and what to leave out.

Registration – is it really easy?

Registration - is it really easy?

Indeed, you must have come across sites that bombard you with questions that even deny you continuation if you fail to share details required. Such sites refuse a lot of people opportunities to mingle virtually with other people. Also, you should always be vigilant when making your choice. Consider sites like SwingTowns that are easy to become a participant.

As stated earlier, the approach employed in this is attractive to all new and old members. Here, the only details or say credentials you are obliged to share are only a few. For instance, you are required to give your screen name, date of birth, an authentic email address, and your current geographical location. From this point, you can share the information that you deem okay to do so. To be precise about this, the nature of details on the profile is up to you to decide. You are at liberty when it comes to profile detailing.

Look; the profile you create is critical since it assists them in finding others with similar characteristics to those you are looking for. Thus, to promote your profile, it is beneficial and advisable to enter your accurate qualities and the person you wish to link to. Simply put, make it easy for other parties to trace you. Are there any kinks you do enjoy? Are there any fetishes that you find the best for you? It is upon you to include such intimate details in your profile. Also, you could be on the lookout for an additional member to your polygamous circle. Kindly make an effort to make that clear right from the beginning. This won’t take much of your valuable time. However, it is worth the mention so that you could get the best link-up.

You must consider adding a few of your best photos. You see, pictures are crucial, especially when it comes to online dating, like in SwingTowns. The other members need to have a glimpse of your looks before they could even reach out to you. You do not have to worry about uploading several of your best pictures. The site is straightforward to navigate due to its responsiveness. Thus, the upload of your photos would be incredibly fast. You must, however, be aware that not all the images you upload shall appear on your profile. Only one picture will appear as the main photo. Other photos will still be visible when someone clicks on your profile to see more details about you. The pictures mostly would show as posts, and the members who follow you will be able to view them.

What about design and usability?

What about design and usability

To begin with, the platform has a modern face. It also possesses great elements that make it easy for all members to socialize and hook up. Nonetheless, there are two ways to enjoy the features. One of the methods is to be a free account owner. You can as well own a premium account that offers incredible benefits. Generally, the site is very simple to use. You do not have to have a degree in IT or any related field to use it. Basic computer or browsing skills could land you a great hook-up.

Let’s talk about profile quality

The profile you develop on SwingTowns must be unique. It must contain the relevant details that make it easy for the site operators to get your matches. The picture of you to be used in the profile should be crisp and clear. Avoid the use of blurred photos. Better to include only the cute pictures of you. Also, ensure you include all your desired traits or qualities. It helps get matches.

The pictures should not contain numerous people such that it is hard for the members to recognize you from the rest. The sexiest picks would make your profile look amazing. Also, another aspect that improves your profile is to have all the details correctly done. No one says you should be highly educated or possess a lot of wealth to display on your profile. That is not the case. The sole aim is to have a profile that is decent enough to win the attention of other members. Be clear on what you are trying to find. This makes it easier to be matched with your preferred lady or man.

The mobile application

The mobile applicatio

Yes, SwingTowns has a mobile app. Just like how the site is well designed and is highly responsive, you would find the same quality on the application. If you intend to use the site on your mobile, then you can get the app from the Google play store. Thus, you should not idle out there, saying that you lack a computer to browse the site. Just make use of your mobile handset. It is highly responsive as long as you have a stable internet connection.

Safety & security

To begin with, SwingTowns is a legit platform. Thus, no one will scam you. Most of its reviews on the internet are all positive. This connotes that you should join without fear of getting coned or bombarded with many messages from the site’s bots. They have employed the most recent tech advancements to pack up the safety of its users.

The site is secure. You see, anyone who has not yet registered on the platform cannot view profiles or photos of existing members. Thus, most of the details, images, and anything else on the site can only be seen by fellow members. No intruders can find their way to the site without passing the basic process of becoming members. Also, you shall not get bullied. Cyberbullying is not allowed on this site. You can always block anyone who you do not want to converse with.

Pricing and benefits

Pricing and benefits

Anyone interested in the site can begin by accessing the free trial which lasts for only seven days. Afterward, you will be required to become a member with a free account or a premium one. As said hereinabove, the best way to benefit from the site is to have a paid membership. You will have permission to enjoy the unlimited features of the platform.

  • One month costs you only $19.95
  • A whole year demands $35, which translates to 1.92 dollars every month
  • You can opt for a lifetime membership, which is offered at $69

It is essential to be aware that a free version of this site will not avail much to leverage. Undertaking elementary searches and just having a look at profiles and pictures only. You may not have the edge to do more than that. Thus, you should consider getting a premium version, which is better than the free one. You will leverage the incredible features that are availed when you become a Gold member.

Free features

As stated above, any new member can opt for a free version of the site. Do not be afraid if you intend to secure a free account. There is still a lot you can achieve with such an account. Nonetheless, you may not be in a good position to leverage the full benefits of the site. You can undertake just basic searches. As well, you can have a glimpse of profiles of other members. Viewing photos of fellow participants would be highly possible even with this type of account. Creating a profile and adding several photographs is possible with a free version of the SwingTowns account.

Nonetheless, you may not be able to start a conversation with another member of the site with this version. Thus, you ought to buy a premium membership for you to exchange messages. Access to posting in the live Ads is limited if you are a free account owner.

What about the Paid features?

You see, the free account may not be the best for you. It may not offer much as you wish. Thus, if you deem it not fit for your needs, then it is advisable to get yourself a Gold membership. With this type of account, you can do as much as you wish. You are not restricted as to how much you can leverage the features on the site. The first awesome element that comes with a premium version is the ability to reach out to other members of the site.

You can leverage as a lot in this version. For example, instant messaging could be one of the hot features you have been longing for. It is one of the most preferred features on this site. You will, without a doubt, love it since it works perfectly. And if you are an enthusiast in video chats, then you should join this version joyously. You will enjoy endless video chats with fellow participants. There are events too that you can attend. You can even become a participant in those events by adding yourself. It is another excellent tactic for getting close and uniting with swinging partners. Thus, you would better have a paid version of the site. It works perfectly for all members.

Help & support

Help & support

If you encounter any issues when navigating the site, you should seek help. The site prides itself on its fastest support. You can get in touch with the support team at [email protected] when you want some clarity or intend to report something. Do not hide your issues when in this community. Feel free to contact the team that is dedicated to helping its clients. Even if it is just a query that you would want answers, make sure you reach out as fast as you can. They will get back to you as soon as possible.


Is SwingTowns safe?

Is SwingTowns safe?

The firm has put in place policies and terms that ensure safety to all users. Thus, rest assured that you are safe while using the site.

Is SwingTowns a real dating site?

SwingTowns is a real dating site. It boasts of matching thousands of individuals since its inception. You can go through their testimonials in the review section, and you will be surprised by what they have to say about the services offered here.

How to use SwingTowns?

How to use SwingTowns?

Using this site is very easy. You just need to create a good profile with all details included as instructed. Then, you can now browse across the many profiles of fellow members and find your match. Use all features to get the most out of it.

Anyone can join this site free of charge. You can make a good profile and add a few photos. Thus, it is right you can leverage the free version.

Is SwingTowns really works?

Indeed, this is one of the sites that work perfectly. So, become a member to enjoy it today.

Is SwingTowns free?


You have seen the features that you can leverage today. Indeed, the site is perfect for you, and it is about time you become a member. It is worth your exploration. It is very easy to create an account. If you like it, begin with the free account. Nonetheless, you will be required to make an upgrade on membership. You want to get the full features of the site.

You may face a few challenges while using the site. If that happens, do not worry. Just reach out to the site’s support team. It is dedicated to ensuring you get the best experience while using the site. You can also invite friends from social media or even relatives to enjoy the top services offered in SwingTowns. Make sure you are not left out of this booming realm. You will enjoy meeting individuals on SwingTowns you have never met who are ready to marry or even become great lifetime friends.

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