Much Does eHarmony Cost, and Does It worth Paying?
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How Much Does eHarmony Cost, and Does It worth Paying?

How Much Does eHarmony Cost, and Does It worth Paying?

Why do people ask, “How much does eHarmony cost?” Actually, this question is frequently asked regarding many other dating websites. The global online dating industry is growing fast due to an increase in active users of dating apps. Interestingly people feel more optimistic while looking for love online. Indeed, virtual romantic venues remove lots of mental and emotional barriers, making people feel relaxed and protected.

High-quality dating platforms make the first steps painless. No one has to approach a potential partner without any idea of his/her personality and blush when facing a failure. Besides, reduced opportunities for setting offline dates because of the pandemic also flew love-seekers into online services like eHarmony.

Why is this site in the scope of interest of thousands of people in many countries? Put simply, males, females from all social and age groups are tired of pretty enjoyable but still meaningless swiping. The first impression doesn’t work anymore. That’s why swiping-based dating apps started adding more options to cater to modern demands. From this standpoint, eHarmony is very competitive, providing many opportunities for all singles, regardless of their goals and values.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost to Join, and What Is eHarmony All About?

How much does it cost to join eHarmony? First, the registration is free. However, this app requires a small investment to allow using all its options. Is it worth money? Let’s see.

The dating site is a well-known resource, providing services for ages. It is one of the “dinosaurs” of the online dating industry, working successfully since 2000 until now. The site is still in business thanks to its highly intelligent science-based matchmaking system that really lives up to the hype. Dr. Neil Clark Warren is a founder. An experienced and highly qualified psychologist and therapist has seen enough unhappy couples during his sessions. That’s why the doctor decided to help those who didn’t get to tie the knot to find their real soul mates.

The website attracts more and more daters every month, catering to their desire to find the most competitive partners. Other features include:

  • Detailed profiles.
  • A standalone mobile app.
  • Well-balanced gender split.
  • Many happy love stories are publicly accessible on the Web.
  • A minimum of bogus profiles due to the implemented RelyID service that accurately identifies fakes.

How much does it cost to join eHarmony dating and use its benefits? It seems this question is worth asking in light of the site’s quality. In addition, many current members note eHarmony’s efficiency and share their positive experiences. Interestingly all reviews were looking for different things on the site, and they have found them. This suggests eHarmony’s versatility that makes it suitable for casual and serious dating.

Still, according to the stats and user profiles, most community members are into long-lasting monogamous relationships rather than hookups. The fact is that eHarmony requires filling out a lengthy questionnaire. It is about a sort of personality test with dozens of questions that should help you find a compatible partner. Hence, the registration takes time. Of course, just a few pick-ups will waste their time on the quiz since hookup connections should be fast and entertaining. Who cares about the compatibility? That’s why eHarmony attracts emotionally mature daters with a particular system of values.

How Does eHarmony Work?

The eHarmony service stands out from other dating sites. It based matchmaking on science claiming the critical role of personal traits in love. In other words, your and your potential partner’s common traits generate romantic feelings. The more similarities you both have, the more probable real love is.

So, the eHarmony system considers your answers as a material used to find your high-quality matches. Note that you should answer 150 questions! Of course, it’s possible to skip. Still, your matches’ quality will decrease significantly.

There is no need to worry about spending hours trying to complete the test. The eHarmony site allows filling out the questionnaire piece by piece, taking breaks, and returning to the subject later. If you answer all 150 questions, all sides of your personality will be an open book. Some people think that such openness is bad for initial acquaintance since nothing is left to say. However, this opinion is rather subjective. As a rule, people don’t like surprises. They prefer to learn about their potential partner as much as possible to feel safe and confident.

Your eHarmony test results show your communication skills, how you arrange your everyday life, your character, and your driving force. Generally, it covers the following points:

  • Gender, marital status, ethnic origin, residence, number of children, and other aspects of bio.
  • Values, interests, hopes, expectations, lifestyles, and even things you are thankful for in your life.
  • Education, profession, occupation, and income.
  • Bad habits.
  • Preferred location of your potential partners, meaning distance from your area.

Many questions are creative and indirect. For example, you should describe your character in four words on behalf of your friend. Although the system doesn’t focus on your facial features, it wants to know whether you are happy with your appearance. It will also ask about your emotions, feelings in specific situations. In other words, it collects tons of information to ensure the best matches for you. How to take this test successfully?

This is not rocket science. All you need is to take your time and be completely sincere. After all, your natural appearance and character will come out on the first date. Besides, it’s important to add some uniqueness to your personality. For example, you can mention reasons for choosing a specific career or hobby. In addition, it would be great to explain why you need a particular type of partner and what you expect from relationships.

Yet, the absence of the search option is a gripe. The user cannot choose profiles but has to rely on eHarmony’s smart algorithm and accept its suggestions. Instead, it’s possible to influence the system’s selection process by setting specific filters.

eHarmony: How Much Does It Cost?

eHarmony is a first-class platform. It features nearly two million people getting their matches every 14 minutes. How much does eHarmony cost 2022? Are prices as high as the site’s rate? Actually, subscriptions are average compared to other dating sites. No package ruins your budget:

  • Premium Light (6 months): $65.90 per month, $395.40 totally.
  • Premium Plus (12 months): $45.90 per month, $481.95 totally.
  • Premium Extra (24 months): $35.90 per month, $807.75 totally.

Prices seem a bit high at first glance. However, the site often offers 50-60% off for new community members. Interestingly, you won’t see a pop-up window that promotes discounts. You’ll see the offer just once after you’ve created a free account. Still, the platform appreciates users’ memberships. It regularly provides different sales valid for various plans or for all of them.

Some people also wonder about the lack of one-month and 3-month packages. Well, eHarmony justifies its financial policy by claiming that even three months are not enough to find a soul mate. That’s why its cheapest subscription lasts half a year. What is good in eHarmony’s offers?

  • All packages provide the same services and differ only by their duration.
  • The compatibility test is available for free.
  • No extra credits pump the money out of your pocket.

How much does eHarmony cost per month? Remarkably, eHarmony provides significant flexibility of payments. For example, you can pay for a 6-month package in a single payment or divide the bill into up to four equal transactions:

  • 4 payments of $98.85
  • 3 payments of $131.80
  • 2 payments of $197.70
  • 1 payment of $395.40

The same opportunity applies to other packages:

Premium Plus (12 months)

  • 4 payments of $120.49
  • 3 payments of $160.65
  • 2 payments of $240.98
  • 1 payment of $481.95

Premium Extra (24 months)

  • 4 payments of $201.93
  • 3 payments of $269.25
  • 2 payments of $403.88
  • 1 payment of $807.75

Bear in mind that the site is integrated with reputable payment services and provides several gateways to pay for subscriptions. For example, it’s possible to use a traditional VISA, MasterCard, or American Express. The consumer credit card Discover Card and online payments system PayPal also work with eHarmony.

Note that eHarmony bills come with auto-renewal. It means that if you have, for example, a 6-month plan, the required sum will be charged the next day after 6 months expire. Now, how much does eHarmony cost? Here is a little pitfall. The crucial thing to know is that eHarmony renews plans at higher rates. So, it’s better to cancel the membership and then buy the subscription again to avoid overpayment.

Of course, eHarmony is more expensive than some other sites. Still, it deals with a couple of dollars. Instead, the results are impressive, making eHarmony worth every cent. Those into serious relationships are usually sure that happiness worth investments.

Of course, one can opt for cheaper or even completely free dating sites. However, they are usually full of fakes, scammers, and freaks, making your waste months before finding someone special.

Does eHarmony Offer Free Options?

How much does eHarmony cost to join? Right, nothing. The registration is free. You can also download a free app to use on your Android or iOS device. A free account has limitations, but it allows exploring the site and understanding whether it suits your needs. Of course, primary options like messages and the opportunity to see photos are not available for free users. So, what is a standard member eligible for?

  • Take the personality test.
  • Get Matches.
  • Set up the profile.
  • Post profile and other photos.
  • Send smiles and likes to break the ice.
  • Look through the information on other users’ profile cards.
  • See the number of incoming messages in your inbox.

Sounds like a good place to start since these options are quite enough to see the site’s potential and evaluate its functionality.

Can Users Cancel Their Membership on eHarmony?

All premium users have the right to cancel their paid subscriptions anytime on the eHarmony website. For this purpose, you should contact the support services and send your request at least a week for the day of auto-renewal. You don’t need the customer support to close your account. To that end, make just several steps:

  • Enter your account settings.
  • Find the Billing section.
  • Open it to access the “Cancel my account” link.
  • Click it not to pay for services anymore.

In addition, the system allows a straightforward procedure to hide your account temporarily. Here is the way: Data & Settings > Profile Visibility. Then, move a green slider to activate the option and disappear off the radar for a while.

How much Does It Cost to Join eHarmony Dating, and Which Privileges Are Available?

Do you know how much does an eHarmony membership cost? If you are already aware of prices, let’s reveal the benefits you get.

  • Countless matches will be available to choose from and enjoy communication. Every suggestion based on your personality test adds chances to meet your soul mate.
  • While free users can access only textual information on profile cards, premium members will view all photos in their matches’ profiles.
  • Paid plans allow their owners to exchange unlimited messages and enjoy online communication as long as they need.
  • Video dates are probably the best feature. Honestly, just a few dating platforms provide video sessions in their premium plans. Interestingly, the option is not available at once after registration. Instead, a premium member should choose a match and exchange several messages with a potential partner. There is no need to worry about privacy. Video dates are completely safe since the site uses its own encrypted software to ensure security. Besides, they are available on both the desktop site and the mobile app.
  • The Quick Question option gives more freedom to your preferences. It allows choosing a question from the personality test and highlighting them to show which matches are most desired for you.
  • Hidden matches also work well. eHarmony allows making your matches invisible, hiding them in the dedicated tab. However, they remain accessible anytime. So, you can reconnect when you want.

As you see, the eHarmony dating website doesn’t offer too many exciting extras. Its main goal is to help people find life partners rather than tie them to online bash via various perks. Hence, all add-ons have practical value first of all.

Should You Pay for eHarmony Services?

How much does eHarmony cost a month? Not much, considering the output. Thousands of happy love stories, marriages, and hot romances really inspire you to join the platform and buy a subscription. Besides, the eHarmony service meets all modern standards of dating sites’ quality.

For example, every new account requires verification. Fakes, suspicious activities, violating rules, harassment, etc., are reasons for the ban. With strong family-centric values, eHarmony may close your account if it reveals a lie about your marital status.

In addition, the site boasts a quality community. Most members are in their 30s, having careers and bright prospects in their professions. As a rule, they have a decent financial capacity and feature mental maturity, an open mind, and high intelligence. You will get new matches every day to reach out to one of the best men and women registered on the site.

Why Doesn’t Premium Membership Work: Reasons and Solutions

While googling, “eHarmony how much does it cost,” getting an answer, joining the site, and buying membership, you might fail to find love. Is it eHarmony’s fault? Hardly. Online dating is not magic, and eHarmony doesn’t work as a divining rod. The site provides you with opportunities, and you decide how to use them. It means that even the most expensive package of eHarmony services can’t bring happiness to those sitting idly by, waiting for miracles. So, let’s see how newcomers can enhance their chances for a perfect match:

  • Take the test and answer all questions.
  • Set appropriate filters to see relevant suggestions.
  • Attach your best photos in high resolution.
  • Be friendly to others and don’t judge.
  • Send warm, flirty, humoristic, and creative messages to keep your online partner’s interest.
  • Use the thumb up and smiles to show your admiration.
  • Look neat and well-groomed when you are on a video date.

Millions of people spend years trying to find their love. However, eHarmony offers the shortest and painless way of getting in touch with someone special. So, you should not give up after a couple of failures or a month of a fruitless search.

How Much Does eHarmony Cost: Afterword

With paid premium features, eHarmony performs as an efficient platform, generating tons of matches for all its members. The site’s services are a bit costly for some people. Still, its focus on serious relationships and the ability to provide a safe environment for online dating make price-related issues insignificant. A user-friendly dating platform does its job when helping people find love. So, instead of stressing over how much does it cost to join eHarmony dating site, estimate the value you get for your money. A happy future is totally worth it.

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