Does Work and Why Should You Try It Out?
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How Does Work and Why Should You Try It Out?

How Does Work and Why Should You Try It Out?

How does Match work? You are probably fed up with loneliness and want to have someone to share the love with. You will find the right person on with our tips. This site is recognized worldwide for the help it offers to all members. Match unites people who seek a partner for a serious relationship that may lead to marriage. is one of the most popular dating sites in Europe and the USA. It appeared online in 1995. Joining Match is free, and the features are all convenient and easy to use. However, each member needs to pay for a subscription to benefit from the site’s functionality fully.

All kinds of people come together on to find a partner to have a great love story, preceded by a meeting through the site’s matching algorithm. So, men looking for men, women looking for women, men looking for women, and vice versa can refer to But, of course, all of them would like to know: does Match work? This guide will help you answer this question.

Match Advantages

  • Simple and free registration;
  • Lots of members to chat with;
  • Reasonable subscription price;
  • Some useful tips for successful dating;
  • A photo gallery to share up to 25 pictures.

Match Disadvantages

  • No video chat.

Presentation and History of is a general dating site. It is one of the world leaders in the field, historically one of the first to emerge, and it is also the first in terms of attendance since its association with Meetic for dating in Europe. was created in 1995 in the United States. The site claims 15 million members, with a percentage of 55% male users, half of them being over 30 years old.

Match Algorithm: How Does It Work?

There are dozens of dating sites that target singles looking for a serious relationship. What makes one of the best dating sites is its algorithm that has proved efficiency. It may not 100% guarantee you to find a soulmate or a true love for sure. Still, this tool remains your best ally for making fruitful connections.

How does Match work? To make the most of your time on this site, take an interest in how its famous personality test works. Then, you can learn how to use the tools at your disposal to meet singles who may interest you. Pay attention to every question of the test and answer honestly. It will help the algorithm know what your exact matches are like.

Free Registration

Registering on the Match dating site is completely free. The first thing you need to do is fill out a small registration form. Then, you need to add some basic information like your place of residence (zip code), the type of partner you want to meet, and your email address.

Immediately afterward, you will be asked to take a personality test and then create a profile in which you can give more details about your interests, your personal and romantic habits, and a brief description of who you are and the type of relationship you are willing to find. How does the Match work to help you? It provides you with the profile form that lets you display your best qualities and tell more about yourself to impress others. You should add some photos to your profile to make it more attractive. The more active you are on the site, the higher your profile will appear in search results.

We recommend that you spend some time creating your profile when registering on, as this will impact the suggestions the site will offer and encourage singles to find out more about you before starting the conversation. Your profile is divided into several parts. First, you need to fill in the required fields, for example, your relationship status, appearance, lifestyle, or school background.

You should also talk about your interests, for example, your favorite movies, and write a few words about yourself and your ideal date. Then, you will have to fill out a questionnaire about your future partner. Finally, you need to upload some photos (which must first be reviewed by the staff), and 24 hours later, you can focus only on meeting other people who match you and who live near you.

Does work? Yes! There is no shortage of new encounters on Match, and celibacy should be a bad memory soon. However, your free account will allow you to search for profiles but not chat with them. To communicate with new people, you will need a Premium account. recommends that users share personal information about their education, occupation, childhood, animals, hobbies, passions, and so on. You can also mention your favorite movies, TV shows, authors, and music bands. Of course, you don’t have to provide detail about every facet of your life. However, it can help you attract singles who share similar interests, goals, values, and online dating preferences.

The Personality Test

How does a Match work? is one of the largest dating sites, and it offers a multitude of opportunities. However, joining this community of singles is no easy task. The registration process consists of a small form where you have to fill in a few details about yourself and a personality test that will take you some time to complete. However, it would be better to complete this questionnaire since the results will impact your match suggestions. It will help if you put some effort into using the site to the fullest.

The personality test includes questions that assess certain aspects of your personality and determine your love profile the site will use to choose the best matches for you. Intellectual and emotional traits, therefore, play an essential role here.

If you wonder: “does Match work?” the answer is yes. You may check the reviews of users who are happy with the service and the relationship they have with someone they met on the site.

New Suggestions Every Day

The site uses your test results to offer you profile suggestions daily. The list of compatible profiles comprises profiles of members who share the same values as you and the same expectations in terms of dating. While other dating sites focus on matching people of the same age and from the same city, does it, too, but is not limited to that. So how does the Match work? The site also puts you in touch with people who have the most things in common with you.

Match Profiles is a serious dating site. Registration is free and fast, and profiles and photos are verified within 24 hours. To access all the useful features, you need to buy a subscription. Please note that subscriptions are automatically renewed if you do not cancel them in time via your account.

The members’ profiles are very detailed; the questionnaires cover both your psychological and emotional profile, marital status, philosophy, life goals, and physical appearance. How does Match work? This platform is a classic matching site that selects the profiles that might suit you while letting you explore and search on your own.

The profiles of Match members are detailed and contain the description of different sides of their personalities. There are lots of users who devote time to arranging their profile properly and finishing the personality test. The results are not seen on the profile page. You should complete it for the algorithm to work better. And as the site presents itself as a platform that helps find reliable partners, many people here take things seriously and arrange their profiles accordingly.

Forum, Chat, and Webcam: The Features

Once you have finished filling out your questionnaire, you can start looking for other members based on whatever criteria you think are relevant. If not, you can start by trusting the site, which offers profiles that correspond to your preferences. Does Match work? Let’s see what features does it offer. On, you can:

  • Save your search criteria to receive emails with profiles that will match your expectations;
  • Use the search functions, which are very flexible and have been designed on purpose to get results;
  • Break the ice and show your interest using winks;
  • Interact with other members through messaging and chats;
  • Visit the blog section for helpful tips.

Some features are reserved for Premium members:

  • Send an unlimited number of messages to other members;
  • See who visited your profile;
  • See who added you to their favorites list;
  • Filter your searches based on your interests.

The services of the Match site are accessible to members worldwide. The number of registrants is around 5 million from Europe and around 15 million around the world. Suffice to say that this is one of the best-known sites along with Badoo or Parship.

Interface Overview

Does work well in terms of user experience? The expected state of affairs with sites so well-known is the solid yet unremarkable design to please the most users. Still, the user experience is crucial here, and Match can boast its easy-to-navigate and well-organized site structure. The layout is clean and sleek, and users can find needed info easily and in no time. Members of the platform rarely face difficulties using the site, and they have nothing to worry about as the security of their data is ensured by active moderators.

Member Search on Match

As soon as you have completed your profile, the real joy begins. You can immediately start your search for matches using the Discover feature. It has lots of filters you may apply to look for someone who might be the one.

You can search for people in the Event section as well. Find the upcoming event that seems interesting for you and check out who is visiting as well. organizes trips as well; you may meet other registered singles offline and make connections in an old-fashioned face-to-face way. There’re no limits for users who pay; they may explore the whole functionality of the site.

Match: Free or Paid? is a paid dating site, much like all dating sites that have become more or less popular. It offers several plans and applies discounts over time. In other words, the longer is the subscription, the more you save.

Subscription Price

There are three subscriptions on Match. The prices are as follows:

Premium Plan

  • 3 Months are 14.99 USD / Month or 44.97 USD in total;
  • 6 Months are 11.49 USD / Month or 68.94 USD in total;
  • 12 Months are 8.99 USD / Month or 107.88 USD in total.

Standard Plan

  • 3 Months are 12.99 USD / Month or 38.97 USD in total;
  • 6 Months are 9.99 USD / Month or 59.94 USD in total;
  • 12 Months are 7.99 USD / Month or 95.88 USD in total.


  • 1 Credit is 0.99 USD / Credit or 0.99 USD in total;
  • 5 Credits is 0.80 USD / Credit or 4.00 USD in total;
  • 10 Credits is 0.60 USD / Credit or 6.00 USD in total.

Should You Pay for the Subscription?

How does Match work when it comes to value for money? It is free to browse pages and send likes. However, if you see someone who seems worth attention, you need to pay for the subscription to start communication with them. Most users consider paid membership worth money, as the paid options are multiple and efficient.

Becoming a member of the monthly membership package means you get full access to your inbox functionality and several different fun features, like the ability to see who has liked or visited your page. Premium plans are slightly different in terms of features available, and the more expensive ones offer benefits. For example, match members with Premium subscriptions appear higher in search results, and they receive notifications whenever a person from their favorites performs any activity on the site.

Does Match work for free users? Though there is no need to pay money to meet people on, free members are significantly limited in terms of communication methods. If you are not ready to pay for the subscription, try some additional features available for credits that cost cheaper than the cheapest paid plan.

The Dating App

The app is a good alternative if you want to continue dating when you’re away from home. The functionality of the mobile app version is limited compared to the desktop version, but it still allows you to interact with other singles near you. In addition, the dating app offers a customized experience that combines the main features that you can find in the desktop version.

How does Match work in the app version? You can create and edit your profile, add and delete photos, view your matches, search for other profiles, and like them. The app version looks great in terms of design and is made so that users can explore without any issues. The main feature is the “Mixer,” which is like an entertaining matchmaking tool. It works much like Tinder: you are presented with profiles recommended by the experts at, and you have to decide whether or not you are interested in them. Then all you have to do is start the conversation.

Testing the Match Dating Site promises a safe and friendly space where singles can find a potential long-term partner. Opinions differ as to what services the site offers, but after testing them, we found that really takes the idea of creating couples that match emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically seriously. Does work? Yes. If you are ready to put some effort and pay for the full functionality, you’re most likely bound to succeed.

Customer Service and Security is an international dating site that has grown in popularity over the years. It has also implemented several security measures to protect the privacy of its members. The site gives verification badges to users who have confirmed their profile through email, phone, or social media. These are visible to other members so they can know that your profile is not fake.

How does Match work? If you have any questions regarding the operation of the site or if you wish to report a member, you can contact customer service from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. by filling out a form on the site. You are guaranteed a response within 48 hours. Otherwise, you have a relatively well-done FAQ at your disposal, so don’t hesitate to take a look. Finally, the site also offers a section to learn how to meet safely.

How to Delete Your Account and Cancel Your Subscription?

If you want to end your subscription, you can delete your account at any time. Go to “My Account” and then click on the “Delete” option to delete your profile completely. After this step, you will receive a confirmation email, and your profile will be deleted within 24 hours.

When you subscribe to a Premium account, keep in mind that your subscription will be automatically renewed when it expires. Thus, if you wish to terminate your subscription, make sure to request it through the “My Account” section. There you will find the option to cancel the automatic renewal of your paid plan, and an email will be sent to you to confirm this.

Why Choose

A large number of users makes Match one of the dating giants. There are many choices and possibilities; it’s up to you to sort by your preferences or try out your luck. You may meet someone from your vicinity or choose to communicate with people worldwide; it’s up to you. One thing is certain: the platform provides you with an opportunity to connect with people who share your life views and interests. is truly a leader in serious online dating, and you multiply the possibilities on such a large platform. Nevertheless, it remains clear and easy to use, thanks to the flexibility of the search criteria. Does Match work? The answer is yes for many. With almost 20 years of experience in matching and dating facilitation, it is one of the biggest and most effective platforms in the niche.

It’s up to you to showcase yourself. The detailed profiles allow you to say a lot about yourself, your tastes, your style, and you can personalize the presentation. Does work if you skip this step? Yes, but it is best to pay for the subscription if you want to easily contact other people, have access to their preferences, or hide accounts that do not interest you.

Conclusion is a site dedicated primarily to singles looking for love. Most users here have serious intentions, and that’s why the success rate is so high here. With a more or less affordable price compared to the services it offers, it can be said that members easily find people who match their search criteria thanks to the practical and easy-to-use features. Does Match work like the other dating sites? Mostly so; still, it remains the first choice for people who are ready for meaningful dating.

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