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Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel — Which One Is Better?

Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel — Which One Is Better?

Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel are both top-notch and well-crafted dating portals for singles worldwide. Each of the apps has unbeaten strengths, but pitfalls are also present. Each of these two matchmakers assures us that they stand for long-lasting unions but not one-night affairs. Each of them has several exclusive features, making them stand out from the mass. This review aims to reveal what matchmaker is more effective. Is the sign-up procedure straightforward? What communication channels are available? Is it possible to find a lovebird via each of these apps? We will check both sites on all these aspects and uncover a winner of the matchmakers’ battle in the final. It will be an exciting investigation!

What Is the Difference Between Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel?

Comparative analysis of the brands’ main features will help us make an unbiased choice between Bumble or Coffee Meets Bagel. It will be correct to start by uncovering the background of each of these eminent matchmakers. The CMB founders are three sisters. In 2012, these ladies decided to launch a portal, which would help single hearts connect using a social network. They figured out to help males and females in finding soulmates among their Facebook pals. This brilliant idea deserves standing ovations for its simplicity. What can be more effective and hassle-free than searching for like-minded individuals among people from your inner circle whom you already know? The project appeared to be successful, making CMB a top matchmaker with a multi-thousand user-base.

The second matchmaker in this Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel battle also uses the social network to connect singles. Bumble clients may also sign up for the app via FB, but they socialize with strange people (not their FB friends). Making new acquaintances or interacting with people you already know is challenging to decide what is more efficient. Extroverts would probably prefer the first option. Introverts would likely focus on socializing with singles from their close circle. Bumble stepped on the online dating stage in 2014, two years after CMB. The app creator is the former Tinder co-founder. That is the reason why daters often compare Bumble with its younger brother. Though the Bumble founder admits it is the app for building lasting unions, it still has some shared features with the hookup matchmaker. The most evident coincidence is the Swipe feature.

Summing up, both matchmakers assure that they stand for life-lasting affairs, but unlike CMB, casual hookups take place on Bumble.

Which One Is Better for Men?

Statistics indicate that males in 2024 spend no less time hanging out on online dating platforms than females. Coffee Meets Bagel vs Bumble – we will try to figure out what app suits men more. Both matchmakers possess themselves as women-oriented portals. In other words, their primary audiences consist of charming ladies. It means that men will not experience a lack of the girls’ attention on both portals. Males need to set up a goal in advance, i.e., decide whether they register on a platform for finding love or flirting with attractive strange ladies. CMB is more suitable for the first variant. Bumble is useful in finding soulmates, but it also suits people on the hunt for friends with benefits.

The CMB’s privilege over Bumble for males is that they do not have to wait for girls to make the first move. Ladies on Bumble rule the process: they receive potential matches and decide whether to swipe a guy left or right. Does it feel like Tinder?! In contrast, men on CMB can break the ice first. They can use the search feature to browse female profiles and get in touch with those who attract them (though this option comes at an extra cost).

The verdict is that Bumble’s primary focus is on ladies but not guys. Men who prefer to take the initiative should better opt for CMB.

Which One Is Better for Women?

Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel are both oriented toward females. Maybe, it results in the fact that their founders are women. Ladies on CMB receive a list with six potential dates daily. All these guys come from their inner circle on FB. If a girl feels an attraction to someone particular, she sends him a heart to show her interest. Males on CMB also have the power to start an interaction with women they like by using the Discover paid feature. They can apply the manual search to get in contact with female members by sending them Likes.

Bumble doesn’t offer a manual search option. Ladies are the ones who run the matching process here. They decide whether they want to connect to a guy or not. Males cannot be the ones to start communication on the portal. They have to wait for the ladies’ choice. Bumble presents women with a potential lovebirds list daily. Men don’t receive such a list at all. In other words, if a guy doesn’t work hard to make his profile attractive, he has zero chances that a woman will get in touch with him.

The decision is that both apps are the paradise for single ladies, but Bumble wins here as it allows females to take the overall control over the situation when picking up guys.

Bumble vs Coffee Meets Bagel — Target Audience

It becomes evident from this review that Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel both focus on females. Straight ladies dominate on both portals, making above 70% of the entire user-base. Still, Bumble gives better prospects for finding dates for people outside the US and Canada. The app is popular in over 25 countries across Europe and America, while the CMB’s dominant user-base resides mostly in the United States.

The predominant audience’s average age varies from 30 to 50 y.o. on CMB and from 20 to 38 y.o. on Bumble. Another hallmark that CMB is more suitable for senior singles searching for soulmates but not youngsters on the hunt for sexual affairs. Both matchmakers can boast of profiles’ high quality. Singles provide many in-detail facts in their profiles. Both apps allow newbies to sign up via their FB accounts to reduce time filling in sky-long questionnaires. Singles should not worry that their dating activity will be visible to the rest of the FB community. Nobody will find out about it as the matchmakers respect their clients’ privacy and desire to stay anonymous.

Profiles on Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel are informative and reveal many interesting details about hotties. The information in profiles includes: physical appearance, orientation, religion and beliefs, hobbies, and relationship goals. Singles also have a chance to describe traits they want to see in their future partners. Both apps allow users to attach photos from their FB accounts as it is very time-saving. Still, CMB verifies FB accounts not to let singles connect to inactive (deleted) or fake users. Bumble doesn’t make such a thorough checking, and members risk bumping into profiles that no longer exist.

The choice is challenging, but CMB wins this tournament with a slight advantage.

Interface and Usability

Coffee Meets Bagel vs Bumble competition continues, and it is time to check the layout features and usability of both matchmakers. Both apps are available for free download. The registration phase takes up to 10-15 minutes, depending on how fast you are typing. Both brands allow hotties to save precious time by connecting via FB. In contrast, Bumble offers an alternative joining method. Newbies fill in all the required details manually and send a provable selfie to the moderators’ team to confirm their identities.

Both matchmakers have user-friendly crafting. It is a real joy to navigate the portals due to the absence of nude or explicit images and annoying ads. Bumble and CMB both present female clients with a match-list; however, CMB also has a manual search bar. Thus, singles may take control over their fortune and search for other hotties without waiting for match-lists. This feature comes at an extra cost, but men still love it because they can be the ones to guide the process (unlike Bumble).

Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel both offer multiple communication channels, including DMs and chat rooms. Hotties can make their DMs more attractive, using adorable emojis, hearts, and winks. When ladies receive a partner suggestion on Bumble, they have two options: swiping left if they have no interest in a guy or swiping right to show mutual attraction. Once a lady swipes right, a man’s turn comes. If a guy likes a woman back, he responds by swiping right. This similar-to-Tinder feature equally annoys some singles and brings others into delight.

CMB removes the chatting history after seven days, and Bumble leaves it up to singles to decide whether to keep chats or not. Bumble clients may report misbehavior if some member is too annoying or violates the matchmaker’s policy. CMB has this option purely for premium members, which is a significant minus. When comparing the exclusive features diversity, Bumble loses to CMB. The last one can boast of many ace features that make the partner-searching procedure more joyful and efficient. One of such features is Open Sesame. It allows singles to recommend their FB pals to other site members if they think they can become a couple. Another nifty feature is Re-Math. It allows hotties to express their interest to other daters, whom they rejected before.

As one can see, both matchmakers have strengths and pitfalls regarding their usability features. It will be fair to complete this particular round with a tie.

Pricing: Which Service Is More Affordable?

Comparative analysis of the membership charges plays a vital role in detecting the winner in this intense Bumble or Coffee Meets Bagel battle. Both apps provide free and paid services. As far as CMB is a leader (at least to this point), it will be fair to start with this brand. The free package on CMB includes profile editing, access to a public gallery, and messaging. The premium pack looks more impressive. It includes manual search with enhanced filters, the opportunity to report annoying members, and the priority in search results. Moreover, VIP singles receive many extra features, including Open Sesame (ability to recommend their FB pals), Woo (it symbolizes a mega-like), and Re-Match (option to reconsider a partner suggestion). CBM members may also use inner currency (beans) to purchase extra features.

The premium package on CMB looks this way:

  • $35 – 1-month membership;
  • $74 – 3-month membership;
  • $121 – 6-month membership;
  • $182 – annual membership.

Now, it is the moment to check how expensive Bumble is, compared to CMB. The matchmaker also offers free and paid services. The free suite includes profile creation, interaction via DMs, and access to chat rooms. The paid suite includes all free features and also gives singles a privilege in search results, the opportunity to see members who swipe them right, and the ability to turn on incognito mode. VIP singles may use the Re-match power to get in touch with previously declined daters. They can also use the Super-Swipe option to express their boosted interest in someone special. The matchmaker allows free customers to purchase extra (paid) features for coins if they don’t plan to buy the lasting subscription. Newbies may also purchase a VIP plan for one week to decide whether to prolong the subscription or not.

The premium plan costs on Bumble:

  • $10 – 1-week membership;
  • $24 – 1-month membership;
  • $49 – 4-month membership;
  • $80 – 8-month membership;
  • $150 – lifetime membership.

This round of the Coffee Meets Bagel vs Bumble battle is on Bumble. It is more affordable for singles of all budgets.

Pros and Cons

The choice of the best matchmaker is getting more challenging. We want to highlight each brand’s hits and misses in particular to make an unbiased final decision.

Coffee Meets Bagel

Excellent user-base of mature singles; Males make less than 35% of the user-base;
Partner suggestions among FB inner circle; Many features require extra charges;
Friendly approach to matchmaking; Only VIP singles can report misbehavior;
Hassle-free registration; Premium membership cost is above average.
A myriad of exclusive features;
Match suggestions only with active members;
Manual partner search is available.


Swipe feature similar to Tinder; Men cannot be the first to break the ice;
In-detail profiles; No manual search;
Females decide whom they want to connect; Lack of male profiles;
Intuitive layout; Many people who search for casual hookups;
Option to join via Facebook; Many inactive profiles.
Free messaging;
Affordable pricing.

And the Winner Is?…

It was a tough competition of two eminent matchmakers: Coffee Meets Bagel vs Bumble. Both brands have unbeaten benefits that make them top-listed among market alternatives. Still, both operators have weaknesses, which they will hopefully fix soon. It is the decisive moment of the entire review because we have a winner. Drumroll, please! The winner of this battle is CMB. The app shows excellent effectiveness in mature matchmaking. The idea of connecting singles of the inner circle among FB pals is simple and brilliant at the same time!

Bumble is a worthy opponent, but its similarity to the well-known hookup site Tinder didn’t allow us to give it the victory. The app has many advantages and exclusive features. Still, singles who fantasize about building life-lasting unions with their sweethearts should better opt for CMB when choosing between Bumble and Coffee Meets Bagel.

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Amie Katelyn
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