Overview of Match Free Trial
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An Overview of Match Free Trial

An Overview of Match Free Trial

Dating sites have been fundamental in assisting people, regardless of age, and gender to find love. However, while some sites are free to use, others require members to upgrade to premium membership before accessing the unique features.

With so many complaints about fake dating sites, people would prefer to test a dating site to confirm its legitimacy before committing to it. is one of the popular dating sites, which gives new users the possibility of trying out a dating site. It provides a 3-day and 7-day free trial, which comes with all the unique features. Within these trial periods, you can try it out and decide if it is worth it.

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know about Match free trials, what to expect, whether it’s legit, and some tips to help you find love on the platform.

Match Free Trial Benefits

Below are some of the perks of using a free trial:

  • Large database: over 8 million users worldwide
  • Dates: This feature allows members to set up their preferred dating approach, including all the preferences and details. It was launched during the inception of the Covid-19 pandemic to protect users from the virus. This feature covers date venues and dress codes.
  • Boost: Many users like this add-on unique feature. It places your profile on top of match suggestions and searches results for one hour.
  • Real Talk: Some individuals are not good when it comes to bringing up conversation topics. This feature provides tons of ice-breakers and conversation points useful in conversations.
  • Likes: This is a list of all the Match users you like, including users who like you.
  • Reverse Matches: This feature provides you with a list of people you are not compatible with. Members who want a different opinion about these matches can chat them up to see if they are incompatible.
  • Voice calls: MatchPhone is a paid feature for having voice calls with other members. The site assigns you a customs number for having audio calls anonymously.
  • Highlighting your profile: Clicking the “Match Me” feature on another user’s profile will put you on top of their Match recommendations list.
  • Matched By Us: This feature gives members one match every week based on their answers to questions about their life and dating goals.
  • Satisfaction Guarantee Policy: offers its members a free six-month subscription package if they dont find a match during the duration of their membership. Only members who paid for a minimum of a six-month pack are eligible for this feature.
  • Date Check In: has a feature – Date Check In feature, to ensure a user’s safety when meeting people they meet on the platform. This safety feature lets users select three emergency contacts. These designated contacts will get details, including the date’s name, location, and time of the meeting. Match will send automated messages asking the member if they’ are feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. If the answer is “Yes,” the online dating platform will send a message to the emergency contacts.
  • Vibe Check: This functionality is an in-app video chat tool by Match, which allows users to interact with each other on a personal level. The vibe check is only accessible to members who are already matched and have conversed. A black video icon will show up at the bottom of the messages. Pressing the icon, will send a request to the other party. Match members can decide to accept or decline a Vibe Check invite.

Tricks to Find Success on the

  • After registration, depending on the free Match trial option you were able to redeem, you have 3-7 days to interact with members and find the perfect match. For this reason, it is usually best to initially sign up as a free member to browse possible matches that you want to contact within the free trial.
  • One’s success on most dating sites largely depends on their profiles. An unattractive, uncomprehensive profile with no profile photos is a terrible start to having a dating experience; most people, including potential matches, will skip right over. Most people with bad profiles are usually fake, so if you don’t want to come across as fake, you might create a profile that portrays you as a real person.
  • Try it when you are less busy: You can begin your 3 days free trial on a less busy day, like on the weekend, to ensure that you get the most out of it.
  • Know the price: Don’t be one of those people who got charged right after their free trial ended. Before you enter your credit card information, make sure you understand what you’re getting yourself into.
  • Select the best package: The 6-month subscription is highly recommended for new users because it is neither too short nor too long. It comes with a guarantee policy that you are eligible for another six months free if you do not meet someone you like after six months.
  • Understand the cancellation policy: Some people believe they can cancel and receive a refund at any time, but it’s much more complicated than that.’s cancellation policy is straightforward: If you cancel a subscription, you will continue to receive subscription benefits until the end of your then-current subscription commitment, at which point they will expire. However, you will no longer be able to receive a refund for any portion of your subscription fees.

Building a Profile

As mentioned earlier, a good profile plays a key role in finding success on a dating profile. Unfortunately, with numerous fake profiles out there, it can be difficult to make a unique profile. Here are some tips:

  • Profile photo: A high-quality image, an outdoor image of you having fun or doing some hobby, with your face visible, is usually a good option for a profile photo.

Avoid blurry pictures or those with friends or family members who do not clearly show your features.

  • Appeal: A good approach to making others interested in you is to use phrases and sentences to raise your sex appeal. It doesn’t have to be vulgar but enough to make them crazy and interested in you.
  • Personality: An important tip is your personality. This particular tip is important because sharing detailed information about yourself would make other members know who you are, helping them decide if you are an ideal match for them. Describe some positive qualities that you have, like intelligence, sense of humor.
  • Adventure Stories: This tip will help boost your profile. Telling a story with no ending will put people in suspense. If the story is very interesting, they will contact you to hear more about it.
  • Security: It is a common perception that women are weak and dependent on men for survival. It is up to you as a woman to let them know you are independent and can stand on your own feet. You can show that by stating how much you love your job or business.
  • Qualifier/Expectation: Make sure to include the characteristics your perfect match must possess. For example, state the kind of person you want and your expectations about them. This approach can serve as a filter and allow only those with such characteristics to chat you up.
  • Call to action: Finally, give other members a reason to contact you. Let them know you are open to talk within the Match 7 day free trial.

Building a List of Possible Matches

The perfect way to create a list of potential matches is by sending likes to people you are interested in.

Building this list can take a long time, hence the initial suggestion of creating an account as a free user before starting your Match free 3 days trial. This approach will give you an already-made list of favorites that you can access before your trial.

Interacting With Other Users

Once you have built your list, the next step is communicating with them. Avoid using generic messages like “hello” because you will get a low response. With the free Match trial, you can access all the premium features, including the communication tools, so you have to be creative while initiating a conversation with another user.

A good trick is to observe their profile photos and find something special about them. Therefore, the first messages should contain something you noticed from their pictures and preferably come in a question form. This approach will increase your chances of getting a response.

These types of questions are more engaging than generic messages.

When you are done sending messages to your list, you can wait for responses or look for more possible matches.

How Does Match Free Trial Work

There is nothing complicated about how Match free trial works. The first thing to do is register on the platform and click on the trial link. This link is not hard to locate; it appears on every page.

So here is how it works:

  • Eligibility: Only members from the age of 18 are allowed to register on the platform. Moreover, you must be a new member.
  • Redeeming your free trial: You can redeem the free trial with promo code free trial. You would have to choose a membership pack and provide a valid debit or credit card or any other form of payment.
  • Cancellation of free trial: You will be charged for the membership package you selected during the free trial sign-up process at the end of the trial period. So if you do not want to be charged, you can cancel before the trial’s expiration.

How to register for the Match free trial

If you already have a account, you would have to provide more details to start using the 3 days free trial on Match. These details include:

  • Zip Code
  • Your gender and the gender you want to meet
  • Email address
  • Credit/debit card

You will not be charged for the free trial. However, make sure to cancel before the expiration of the free trial, else you will be charged the full membership price. Premium Services

  • Instant messaging;
  • Browse anonymously;
  • See who has viewed you;
  • Get a spot on daily matches.

Match Search Features has different search features members can use. they include:

  • Search:The standard search tool lets members find matches using basic filters age, location, and gender.
  • Mutual Search The search results are based on mutual interests and preferences. User Profiles displayed in mutual search results are based on profile information.
  • Reverse Search Match reverse search function displays profiles of members looking for users like you based on their preference.
  • Saved Search Running a search with added preferences and filters allows you to save it and re-run it at any other time.
  • Username Search Members can also search for matches by username. All you have to do is enter the person you are looking for in the search tab. Price

Before selecting a premium pack during your free Match trial registration, it is important to understand the cost of each package to choose the best deal.

Premium plan

Duration Costs, $
Three months 44.97
Six months 68.94
12 months 107.88

Standard plan

Duration Costs, $
Three months 38.97
Six months 59.94
12 months 95.88


Duration Costs, $
1 Credit 0.99
5 Credits 4.00
10 Credits 6.00

Is Worth It After the Free Trial?

Following the popularity of the app and the several positive reviews from previous and existing users, it is safe to say the dating is worth every penny you spend on the app.

While many new users have met people on within the Match free 3 days trial, for some, it might take a while. There is no guarantee people will always meet someone within the trial period; however, the strategies here on this write-up increase your chances.

There are so many membership packages: 3 months, six months, and 12 months. These packages give you unlimited access to the site’s unique features necessary for helping you find a date on the app.

Those who wish to continue can subscribe to any of these premium packs.

Tips on How to Be Safe While Using Dating Site

  • Do some research: Everyone should be aware of this before meeting their date: do a quick Google search. That isn’t to say you should become a stalker; it simply means you should know something about the person before meeting with them. If you can, look for photos of the person and see what else you can learn about them outside Facebook and Instagram.
  • VideoChat before the meeting: With so many video chatting options available, including FaceTime, Skype, Facebook, and Google Hangouts, it is very important to have a video chat with your date. This strategy allows one to see how their date looks before meeting them. It could also help reduce the risk of being duped by someone posing as someone they are not.
  • Take your transport: Don’t accept any carpool invitation; if you don’t have a car, take a cab or public transportation. This approach prevents your date from knowing where you live and reduces the risk of yourself in a dangerous or uncomfortable position.
  • Meet in public: Avoid going to private places on the first or second date. Instead, meet in public areas like a café, bar, restaurant, or another location with a large number of people. If you become uncomfortable, people nearby can assist you. Additionally, this allows a friend or family member to be nearby if something goes wrong. Another great idea is to use code to let a waitress or bartender know if things are not going well if you’re in a restaurant or bar. Some restaurants have secret codes, such as ordering an “Angel Shot,” that patrons can alert staff if something is out of tune.
  • Inform someone: The next tip is giving someone details about your date: where you are going, when you’ll be back and any other important information. It gives you peace of mind knowing that someone else knows where you should be if something goes wrong.
  • Stay Sober: It is never a good idea to drink uncontrollably during your first meeting with someone from a dating site; not every person you meet on a dating site has a good intention. It is important to keep your safety in mind when meeting with people you don’t know very well.

Final Thought

When it comes to online matchmaking, Match ranks amongst the best. They have a lot of membership packages and interesting features.

This comprehensive write-up will help you take full advantage of the free trial, and the strategies will give you a higher chance of finding a perfect match in a matter of days.

All you have to do is register for free on the platform, create a list of possible matches you would want to contact, then you can start using the free trial.

Suppose you do not wish to continue with the platform and don’t want to get charged the full subscription price. In that case, you have to cancel the free membership before expiry because the site will automatically translate your free trial to premium membership.

However, if you wish to keep getting dates from the website, there is no need to cancel after the Match free trial.

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